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    Guitars & Harley's, Adventure outdoors camping & fishing too.

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About Me

I am a E.E. that specialized in lighting design & technology. About 29 years ago I went into business for myself & own a high end Custom Integration company that does the home technology stuff. Like lighting control systems, whole house audio/video distribution, networks, home automation, home theaters, & HDTV systems. You know the "George Jetson" gadgets in homes now.


The rest of my day is spent with my Landscape Lighting company. We do all the things that make people like seeing their home better at night than they do during the day.


These days my favorite thing to do is to get to play "hooky" from work and be outdoors, ride one of my bikes, or play one of my guitars. I ride MUCH better than I play, but love to do either. Long road trips with bike/backpacking in the back country is the ticket for me.

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