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  1. For me, When you walk in the Room & Needles & Pins. Both by the Searchers. Also, Del Shannon stuff like Runaway & Little town Flirt. I'm really heading way back to "happy tunes" these days I guess. Aster
  2. I really like my Weber Mass 100 (older style red one). Really works well on my Fender Blue Deluxe that blows the windows out of the house. But I don't play in a sound proof room and with mouse ears on either. Aster
  3. Nice looking ride Steve!!! Only thing I went out a bought was a Toolbox Caddy on wheels (for us to use at work)and some ammo. I'm sure a controversial thing here. I went out an looked at this and was getting sucked into "ya, I need it" and then I remembered I may only have 3-4 years of riding left in me and we're wanting to build a 2nd home to move to in a few years out west. I walked out before I said "why not, ya only live once" and I think I'm glad of it. I still think "I NEED IT" however. [biggrin] Had a great price going on this beauty as well.
  4. Very Beautiful. Congrats on the find. Love rosewood sound myself. Aster
  5. A sandwich that I use to make sounds weird to everyone and then they say they like it when that try it. I can't eat one now for several reasons (Gluten, MSG, Peanuts etc.) but here it is. Try a small one and see: Peanut butter, dill hamburger pickles & Heinz Worcestershire sauce. Strange mix, don't even remember how I came up with that but use to like it a lot. BTW you had to eat it right away, not a keeper to take for lunch unless you had the pickles & Worcestershire sauce you could add at the last minute then eat. Aster
  6. Only guitar I don't take all the strings off at once is my Ric 325. Only did that once and it was living hell to get the vibrato back together when it came all apart. That was very entertaining to the other forum members to ask about on the Ric forums as everyone's done it ONCE and they take glee in all laughing about the new NEWB being initiated. It was/is pretty funny when no harm is done to anything but your ego/pride. I do like to wipe things down well once all the strings are off and the Bridge too esp. if wood. Just me Aster
  7. I believe that, for the last 15 yrs., I've been on a steady daily diet of "A KNUCKLE SANDWICH" with my work. :rolleyes: Outside of that as a young'n I had a Ham sandwich with mustard/horseradish for at least a 10 yr. run for lunch. I don't know if I could eat anything now "for the rest of my life" except for my own words from time to time. And are we truly sure that they aren't pronounced "SANGWITCH" like NY/NJ area? Or did the Earl get it right. Over all I don't enjoy Sangwitches much any more (don't consider a hamburger or ground pork burger to be a sandwich I guess. Aster
  8. :lol: :lol: Simple truth's can be the funniest yet! Aster
  9. I've kinda wanted an archtop to play with for several years. If these sound & play as nice as they look I can see adding one. Might have to do a NATURAL finish as I have enough VS color gits. Prolly have to do the bigger boy size wise. Aster
  10. Overpriced yes, but I love the way it looks. I even would like the sweet whiskey smell. Pretty neat concept for playing around the house as I get bored easy and need fun things to look at. I will say I can't stand the taste of whiskey (coffee either) but LOVE the way both smells. Make that amp $800 and hand wired, and then it would be worth buying. Aster
  11. Dang it all, I thought THAT was the case and he's just showing us all up!!! If that beauty ain't the case, no pun here, where are the case photo's at? Don't care about the guitar, we've all seen those, it's the case that counts these days Aster
  12. Poke around on the Stewart-MacDonald site StewMac and read some of the training tips. They have some great paints as well to do your refinish vs. the Krylon can from the Home Despot!!! I think taking this as an opportunity to really practice and learn how to make a nice finish turn out is worth the time, money, & effort esp. when you have it close to be prepared to apply a leveler coating. Just my thoughts. Aster
  13. There aren't any Epi archtops that are just acoustic are there (no electric pup)? I'd look into one of those but just don't need anymore electrified acoustics. I've taken the saddle pups out of most all my Gibsons (saved them of course, but never plug them in) all but the Fuller J-160E of course!!! Aster
  14. Well, IMHO, I always opt for having a souvenir nation w/ Allies vs. trying to form a union w/o having any real need or ties to do so. For us in the US, I agree that we will are just a few years behind the mess that EU is in with the choices that have been made. So many are going broke in EU (Greece, Italy, France, Britain, Spain and Ireland) and USA is still charging full steam ahead in that direction too. Only thing in our favor is that we COULD turn it around with some heavy adjustment in spending as our economy is so massive. If we don't, ehhhh, we'll be defaulting on debt in a few years. Much of all the stay or go, from what I've read, is hype to scare. I would have vote leave and I don't consider myself in the "uninformed" with facts/figures and I understand Pippy, what you are talking about. I know I spend WAY too much time reading all the info/facts on too many topics and views. We have people that are very uninformed voting here every election and only care about the program or what they consider they are "owed" to continue. Often so they don't have to struggle with work like some of the rest of us supporting them. Aster
  15. Outside of the humidity in TN I just love to be there. Most all of my Mothers kin are from TN and many friends still. The older I get the less I seem to tolerate the humid weather. Looking to New Mexico to dry out some maybe. Also WY. I'll see if I get out on one of the bikes this weekend for some shots of my area (not Des Moines city I find that totally boring). Love the close by countryside now. Aster
  16. Two words from the past that I hadn't thought about for some time!!! Others mentioned, Barrel Orange Sunshine. Oh don't get me wrong, I have NO interest in any drugs of any kind for the last 44 yrs. Just remembering back with it being the 1st of summer, HS out, and the "what a long, strange trip it's been" thoughts riding around in the old '64 VW beetle on horse trails for weekend adventures! dReit1, wonder who a person files a "breach of contract" on for all propaganda media for no flashbacks? Surely there's some dang atty. firm advertising on the Retro-TV channels that could represent those that feel short changed! Aster
  17. That was a prime year alright. I don't know how I ever studied and pass all those Math & Physics exams in 71-72. I'm just grateful, being young, fearless, AND STUPID, that the good Lord above watched over me so much. Oh the times from 16-18 that we were snatched out of the Reapers skinny finger grip is way to clear & frighting with driving, swimming, canoeing, racing cars, and recreating that way. Even before any altered states days!! Aster
  18. That's kinda how I was thinking about it. Thinking about things, at least for me, that were fun or really different experiences, helps me break up the stress and unpleasant aspects of every day LIFE. Drift back to great movies in your head I guess. Suppose to be good for you from what I read, "not the A trips mind ya!!" Maybe it was the sugar or the Vita-C or all in our heads, but we seemed to believe we got a kick in the pants, esp. with windowpane. Aster
  19. Dang straight on that one Steve. I could only chance re-living a Flash Back. Can't really say that's ever happened maybe for more than a passing moment years ago.
  20. All I can say is it just must be from the heat here in I-O-A today. Why this popped into my pea size brain I just don't know, but my inquiring mind just has to know what other's may have experienced. Back in the ol' days (High School for me) I made a summer beverage of Lemonade mixed with Strawberry Cool-aid. Yes, it was the beverage of choice if you were "trip'n" and we were convinced that it worked to help get things "more colorful" I guess. Just a nostalgic/whimsical question that would have to be explained with the why I ride a Harley-Davidson expression: "If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn't understand it anyway." Not made to make anyone mad and I'm not endorsing anything that I did or didn't do but prolly learned to avoid before I hit 18 & became a responsible member of society. [biggrin] Aster
  21. I can believe that would be my story if my Missus ever went on a rampage!! Too many guitars. Time to thin out the inventory.
  22. On the Gibson's I use the Gibson Polish with either cotton or a Meguires Micro-fiber cloth. (if it works good on lacquer auto/motorcycle paint, I figure that cloth will be okay with my nitro. Haven't seen any polishing scratches even when I check with the magnifying glass. I don't ever rub that hard either and NEVER dry cloths. Cleaning for me: Gibson cleaner spot cleaning on neck and where my forearm rests (if not wearing a sleeve shirt. Just a light shot on the cloth and then clean those spots before putting away. Always use GHS String cloth after every playing time with any guitar. Re-string- light Gibson Polish all over, with a light wipe down. Tuners, too. 1 to 2x per year, light natural lemon oil on fret board & bridge (if wood). Not a soaking, just enough to have it look "hydrated" so to speak. Works for me, nothing but factory new looking gits when bought as new on any of my collection. Others used get more treatments. Aster
  23. Thoughts & Prayers out to Rob with the post-op recovery!!! Eat your Ice Cream & Jelly if that's what they say you need. Don't know what I'd ever get to eat with No Dairy, Gluten, and ... (too long a food list these days). Hope you start feeling great Rob without your foe Mr. G. Bladder. Aster
  24. Aster1


    Looks nice to me. How do you like the position of the strap pin (isn't that position #5)? I still want to add pins to all my Gibby acoustics and replace the big amp plug with a small one. Never amp any of the acoustics so I don't need them. Aster
  25. Thanks from me too. That most anyone could do. How you could walk off those landing craft or out into a hail of bullets & bombs I don't know. Our hero's for sure. I only wish we were honoring those loses with protecting our way of life here better. They did what they needed to do to keep us free & we give away what was bought & paid for with blood. Can't figure it. Aster
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