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  1. Thanks for all your advice. I was talking to my sisters boyfriend over the weekend about it and it turns out he has just sold the exact same guitar in the same colour. I can't believe we've never discussed/discovered this before. The headstock is identical, his had the sticker SN which has help confirm this. I'm never going to sell it, it's an immaculate (almost) guitar which is pretty amazing for something 20 years old. Cheers guys. Ross
  2. I was given this guitar by my dad about 6 years ago, he picked it up from a private sale back in 1995 for around £130. At the time he tried to find out a little more info on it; value and age, but due to the lack of serial number identification was rather difficult. Apparently the headstock is very rare (I'm not an expert) so I'll have to take his word on this. Someone did suggest it could be an early sample/pre-production model. Any help or advice you can share would be gratefully received. Here are some pictures: http://s267.photobucket.com/albums/ii305/Ross_Curtis/Guitar/
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