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  1. here's the Gibson Support answer : Hi Chris, The serial number configuration should be indeed for a guitar made in the period 1970-75. Unfortunately, if the pots are not originals, would be difficult dating the guitar. Regards, Marcelo Pineda Customer Service FREE NUMBER 00800-4GIBSON1 00800-44427661 :) LOL
  2. Hi Don't know if this is the right place forasking this, but does anywhone knows in what year was first introduce the Gibson chainsaw protector case Generation 1 please ? I think it's midle 70' around 74-76 but when did they appear exactly ? Thank you
  3. Hi, Sorry for my very bad english...i'm french :( i've got a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe that i can't precisely tell the year of production here are the facts that i know : Serial is 1XXXXX, and according to Gibson Serials it was made between 1970 and 1975 But regarding the Guitardaterproject website its between 1970 and 1972 The neck is 3 pieces mahogany, the body is pancake, the neck position mini humbucker left is not embossed with "Gibson" (so not a 72) It was originally sunburst but have been refin in natural finish ( i believe that sunburst finish appaered in 71 on Deluxe) unforunatly the electronics pots have been removed so it's impossible to know the exact year :( it seems that the "Les Paul Model" is a Decal but i'm not sure of that the neck junction is a Trans-tenon and so certainly a Kalamazoo built the case is a Protector Gen1 case but don't know if it is original, i believe those case were first introduce in 1974 ? Personnaly, i would say 73 or 74, but i would like some help Thank you a lot !!! Chris
  4. I agree, another Gibson mistake probably
  5. I don't want to change the knobs, just to know why Gibson put the hat/bell knobs on mine ? they were out of stock ? A technician joke ?
  6. Don't think so, he told me not, but how can be sure ? Did Gibson made some experiments in early 90' ?
  7. I like them, but i realized, that all the 90' standard got the speed knobs....strange ? Moishe Pipik : Lol ! it's a really very good fake !
  8. Hi, I've got a stupid question that anoying me since a while : Why the knobs on my original 92 Gibson Les Paul standard are Hat/Bell instead of speed ones ? Thank's
  9. Hi, Does someone knows what kind of wood was used in that first les paul 1989 series ? i've earded they used basswood and alder is that true ? because they look better finished than the next MIK years (they have a long tenon) thanks Also , here's a ebay auction for the same Les paul you shows on pictures http://cgi.ebay.com/Epiphone-Gibson-Les-Paul-Sunburst-Japan_W0QQitemZ170424347635QQcmdZViewItem
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