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  1. Most of the time, the "limited edition" or "Custom Shop" Epiphones only differ from the stardards in terms of finish or other cosmetics. The 1966 G400 probably has the full-sized batwing pickguard as opposed to the smaller '61-styled pickguard on the standards.
  2. The Prophecy SG EX is still there (page 27), but the GX version seems to be discontinued: The catalog can be found in an online version right here by the way.
  3. It is now possible to create an SG-styled guitar as well. Here's two I just made.
  4. size]After reading this I examined the headstock of my 1966 G400 closer, and saw that it seems to be made of four pieces of wood. I had noticed one of the joints before, but I was surprised to find two more up there. Furthermore, I have one at the heel too. I'll probably take some pictures later. EDIT: Pictures. The joint at the bottom of the headstock is very difficult to see. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Eventhough this is Gibson's version, it might give you an overall idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR7K-OUeDNQ&feature=feedu
  6. The spec-sheet on Epiphones press site says ebony as well.
  7. I have always used IE, and I have finally got used to the new version (IE9). I have tried Firefox, but it has some annoying features such as the download manager, so I will stick with IE. Google's chrome is said to be quite fast, but it has had some security issues compared to Firefox and IE. I believe, however, that most of these problems have been solved in the newest version.
  8. And a Slimtaper-neck with a 1960's D-shape, Wilkinson tuners with ivory buttons, and it comes with a "Premium Anniversary Gigbag".
  9. I was browsing the Epiphone press site and found these P90-equipped G400's. It seems to be Epiphones version of the '60s tribute Gibson released earlier. Has anyone heard of these Epiphones before? Man, it would really be great if the forum had some kind of manual picture-resizer
  10. Its little sister is prettier. Too much going on with the DBS, eventhough it does look better in real life than in pictures. But I am not sure that the DB9 would get my award as all-time best looking car. It would probably be the Ferrari 250 GTO:
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