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  1. I used to play a lot of Oasis in a band in the 90s. And I used a g400. Britpop tone was basically bridge pup and tone control at 10 as far as I can tell :-) A decent hollow will cost a fair bit more thant a decent semi. I thing the SG is very versatile. See if you can find out the serial number and model and/or if it has a bolt on kneck.
  2. Cheers B I think I might pull the trigger come pay-day. At 45 GBP delivered per set of Alinco V pups hopfully you cant loose. I might get 15 quid back on the 95 epis that come out. But I do have this strange thing about keeping original parts incase I want to roll it back. I will try and stick my head in more and let you know how the pups sound.
  3. I havn't been around for a couple of years (The call of the Telecaster and amp building I'm afraid). I just thought I'd pop back in to ask if anyone has tried and has any opinions on a UK brand of Pickups I've just stumbled accross. Ironstone I've read a few posative reports about the strat/tele pups but nothing so far on the HB's Any one tried them? I'm planning on doing a few cheap upgrades to my early G-400. mainly PUPs and a new bone nut. The second hand price of Gibson and Duncan pups in the UK seems a bit dearer than I remember and I'm a bit skint.
  4. My Riv didn't turn up with one. And I dont miss it!
  5. That sounds like a nice safe technique thoughI'm not too bothered about the drilling part; but if I understand it right; if I go from a metric pot to a US Pot the top hat won't fit. And from there it escalates into changing all the pots and the hats. Which I would like to do but it'll cost a lot for no real gain over just getting a metric push/pull. Correct me if I'm wrong!
  6. Anyone know what size pots I need (as in hole diameter) to fit an MIK Riviera Valensi? I think the current pots have an 8mm hole. I want to replace one of the volume knobs with a push/pull knob so I can reverse the phase of a Humbucker for a jangly sound. In the UK I can order Allparts "500K push/pull audio taper potentiometer w split knurled shaft" from a couple of places but I don't know if they will fit without drilling! Any help please.
  7. Was that the rare 5-String version?
  8. Actually; It looks like Blend would require a change of switch which I can't find; pehaps I'll just go with the Phase switch and keep it simple! Is anyone familiar with the all parts stock? They dont say what size their pots are? metric or US? AllParts Link Anyone know if the Riv is a 250k or 500K Vol pot? I should have made a note last time I had the wiring out!
  9. I'd like to re-wire my Korean Riviera Valensi with a blend pot and a master volume, however it would be blending a p94 with a Burstbucker pro so I'm not sure that woud be a grat idea for a start? any experience of that? I also want to be able to reverse the phase between the Pups for some twang! To do this I need a push pull volume pot and a blender pot unless you can get the two in a single unit??? I've never seen them though. A little help please so I dont have to take the guitar apart before i order; I'm sure one of you will know; On the Korean models, Which Pot size/shaft/value
  10. My ten pence would be don't adjust anything untill you've worked out where the buzz is coming from! other-wise your working in the dark; work out where the buzz is and then look for the remedy! Fret Loose tuners Bridge Nut are the usual candidates; especially the last two if it's an open string buzing! Also: If you're going to adjust your trussrod, make absolutly sure you have the right size Hex key and it's in good condition, rounding off the truss rod head effectivly writes off the guitar! Have you said where you are? we could probably recommend a tech if we knew! Good l
  11. Thanks guys your very kind; To be honest, The cat prefers been upstairs with the misses listening to Bach! It does sound great, I just got a Burstbucker Pro in the bridge too and that is a jangley combination made in heaven at low drive and sweet tone when the drives wound up! the P94 in the neck with a clean middly sound is pure Grant Green! There is about three coats of Clear varnish on it! it's deffinatly sealed! There was nothing wrong with the Witworth system Snookel; It was the rest of the world that had it wrong. My Grandad died a couple of years ago and when we cleaned out h
  12. It's been six month's in the making but I've finally finished my amp; It's a 1x12 Combo with a slightly modified Ampmaker Kit and an old 1970's Celestion Greenback I've had kicking around unused for a few years. The woods all Pine stained Two-Tone to go with the Riviera. I'm loving it, I havent had an amp for years I've been using simulators on the computer (It's just not the same!) and It's my first Valve amp. The badge if of a Sunbeam Rapier which I think really suits the amp and it's also of one of my dads cars from the 70's
  13. Thought I'd resurect an old post and let you know I went with the H-Gate cober in the bridge with a Bustbucker Pro; very happy with the PUp; getting used to the look of the H-Gate cover slowly; I think I need a chrome Trussrod cover to balance out the extra chorme at the bridge now. any idea where I can get one of those from? I an such a tart when it comes to Guitars
  14. your PUps are like 90% the sound of your guitar; they're somthing you should be real carefull about, if all you care about is chrome, then buy some chrome covers, it'll be a lot cheaper!
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