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  1. Wow nice photos. :) Indeed it looks solid. Question of my own - I own an EJ200 made in 2009...is there any chance to exchange it with one that has a solid top? Or would that be wise to begin with? *Complication, this is really stupid, but I forgot activate the warrantee because right after I bought the guitar I had to go out of town for about two months so I missed the 15 day period that I was supposed to do it but didn't remember about it until much much later. :(
  2. Thanks. I used a file...but it was just a little too fat >:[ I used a Scotchbrite green pad to get at it a little better and it's visibly not as pointy, so I just need to wait for strings to arrive. But huge fail on my part, I rubbed off a good deal of the gold, revealing the silvery stuff beneath. But I'm guessing it's only cosmetic, and that the string will cover it when all is said and done, so it's okay. :blush:
  3. I know for the tuning it's in the right octave (piano, internet, own instinct), but yeah you're probably right about something on the tuner making it wonky. Do you have any tips as to how to spot it? I've looked it over and can't really see anything; I'm assuming it's a very subtle sharp edge anyhow. I've sanded the edge of the tuner very very gently with sandpaper since I don't think I have a file (outside of a nail clipper). We'll see how it turns out when I get new strings though. Thanks for the help. Also, I took these...the quality's probably not good enough for a detailed look, but maybe these will help too.
  4. By the way, if I'm afraid of the consequences of reckless guitarring, be it switching tuning a lot, an aggressive attack in strumming, or having the guitar knocked around. Of course, I'll definitely be more careful in the future. Does getting a heavier string gauge help improve durability? Should I look into elixirs or coated strings? What do you guys recommend, overall, for good acoustic strings?
  5. So yeah, HNGD to me, got my new EJ200 last week on sale for $298 at a local store, the Epiphone hardshell case for $110, which true to its reputation, is a great case but smells very....unique. Anyhow, I love the guitar and have to say it plays beautifully. The action is low even without my getting a set-up, and it sounds good and bassy. Unfortunately, the first day I had it, I broke the little e string but I thought that was inevitable anyways considering it was a floor model. So yay, I get to put fancy new .012 D'Addario Lights on. Which was good...until the e string broke again. Maybe I just got unlucky, but lightning isn't supposed to strike in the same place twice right? Both times, it was when I was fiddling with alternate tunings; the other strings seemed to be fine with it. I believe I was going from C# to e when it broke both times, with the string breaking at the tuner. What should I do to prevent this from happening again?
  6. Do any of the Masterbilts come in a sunburst finish? I was looking at GC's website and the photo for the AJ500M is this really beautiful red sunburst, but it seems the model is only sold in natural (discontinued, then?)
  7. Bwahahaha. Yeah...too good to be true that. I was skeptical, and thanks for confirming.
  8. I was doing some random googling, and I came across these reasonably priced EJ300's (which are now discontinued) but sound very good (solid spruce jumbo for less than 400 quid). Here's the link to the results: BOOOOO There're a couple VS EJ300's among other things in there. Does anyone have any experience with this site? Are they trustworthy? There's obviously a negative connotation with it being Chinese and "wholesale" but they look almost-legit... ....yeah, I'm king of GAS-ing for a 300. Edited to remove silly fake site. >______>
  9. I too would like to know. I asked in a thread a while ago but the answers I got were mostly regarding the looks anyways. If I were to *purely* speculate, maybe the back and sides and tuners and stuff may be of lower quality. But I have no idea. Thanks in advance to those who answer.
  10. Very pretty guitars! My favourite colour is green so naturally, DROOL! And that Strat looks really nice too.
  11. I've never heard of this. Do elaborate; sounds interesting, this.
  12. Okay I appreciate the input, and yes, actual playtests are important of course. What I really want to know though, is if we disregarded looks, which guitar is better? As far as I can tell - they're both maple+spruce laminate jumbos. Does the moustache bridge have a particular effect on the sound? Is the quality generally the same, or is the more expensive one better? ....also...how hard is it to nab an EJ300? Like an EJ200 but with solid top..I would kill for one of those. >_>
  13. Thanks for the input all. @brianh, thanks for the explanation about the bridge. That indeed is something I'm not proficient in. @wiggy, I was thinking about the -CE, but I'd also like to have an external pickup so I could use it if I ever bought a higher end Taylor/Martin down the road. However, I would like to have something clarified, is the EJ200 (with bling) significantly different from the Artist in terms of sound and feel? Are there differences in intonation, being able to hold tune (doesn't the EJ200 have Grover tuners?), tone?
  14. Ohhh wait..are you saying that that's the Artist, but you fit the bridge and the pickguard yourself? How hard is that for someone like me who has no experience doing such things? And would it cost a lot to have a luthier do it for me? Anyhow, what was the total cost of that for you? Besides the accessories, what's the difference? Is there a significant materials (and therefore tone) difference that warrants the 200 dollar price jump?
  15. There's a 200 dollar difference but I'm having trouble telling why there's such a huge jump in price. I'm asking because if the extra 200 only buys the good lucks, I don't know if I could live with making such a superficial purchase. As to background, I'm planning to get an Epiphone acoustic and then getting a soundhole pickup for it. Mainly to play rhythm parts in rock like Oasis and Coldplay.
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