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  1. what height did you set your pups too? i might tweak my les paul pups a bit to see what sounds i get
  2. does anyone want to buy a brand new sheraton scratch plate, i bought it from rosetti and i dont need it now, seen a few posts on here saying there hard to come by so someone else might get some use out it.
  3. hi, im really gutted, just bought a gator hardcase for my sheraton, and low and behold it dont fit, the headstock is slightly to big, the guy i ordered it from said it would!!! anyone know what kind of hardcase will fit as i cant get my hands on a epi case till april time and i need it asap, any help guys?
  4. thanks guys, im thinking of buying some of them plugs, think they are 12mm, will post some pics when im finished, will be a while yet
  5. its a vintage suburst finish, i dunno if i could get the exact colour match
  6. just put a frequensator on my 08 sheraton, was wonderin what i could use to fill the holes where the tailpiece goes, anyone got any ideas and im definately not puttuin the custom thing on my guitar
  7. HI, just bought a sheraton 2008 chinese model and noticed the pickguard is super thick, the same thickness as say a regular lp pickguard..but its still red tortiose shell, my other sheraton pickguard is quite thin and flimbsy, anyones else got a pickguard like this? im not complaining, i am actually really glad as they are not normally that sturdy. would love to post pics but i cant just now im afraid.
  8. thanks, i think ill try the string method, as for filling my luthier is going to make up some dowel that fits in and stain it as closely as possible to match the sunburst, im not that bothered if i get grounding buzz, i will just crank the marshall up more lol
  9. hi, im going to fit a gold frequensator to my vs sheraton and was wondering if anyone has done this before and could give me any tips on installing and aligning perfectly, im not sure if i use the strap button hole if it'll be aligned correctly. can anyone give me any tips thanks
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