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  1. Hi,Good Day;

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  2. hey--I took my g-400 and put in a gibson pickup in the neck that I've had lying around, and now, each pickup individually works fine, but when both pickups are on, and turned up, the sound gets really thin sounding. If you roll off either volume, it fattens up. Did I somehow wire them out of phase, or something weird? It's not a bad sound, and I'm interested to experiment with it at higher volumes, in playing situations. But it's defintely not the same as it was. any ideas???? thanks!
  3. Hi--can anybody say why the wiring in the two pickup postion on an sg is done such that the volume cuts out completely when either volume is turned off? vs. a Sheraton, where the two pickups are just blended, and if one is turned off completely, the other stays on? I'm curious.
  4. Has anybody ever seen humbucker rotated so that the pole piece are facing inward--away from the bridge and away from the neck? (not upside down.......) I got a guitar in trade and that's how they are. I'm thinking somebody took out the pickups and put them in wrong. Sounds great, (they're gibson 57's) but I'm going to put them pack to see how it should really sound.
  5. anybody have experience with them? and anybody have thoughts on putting in a set of pickups that cost more the the whole guitar (g 400 sg)?? thanks--
  6. Hey all-- I know there's been a lot of talk about "jimmy page" wiring, and all, But I'm wondering, would the stock pickups in an epiphone g 400 be able to have coil taps? or do they need 4 lead wires? Can only certain humbuckers be tapped? and what about wired for out of phase swithing? Thanks--
  7. Hi--Does anybody have experience or opinions about having one master volume rather than two on an sg? I know there's a Gibson model that has two pickups, but one vol and one tone knob. (kind of like a telecaster, I suppose). Does anybody think this would limit the variety of blending the two pickups? I find two volumes to be a bit more confusing than one (after having played primarily a tele, and one pickup jazz guitars). I'm considering wiring modifications, but I wonder what people's opinions are. thanks, as always--
  8. Thank You! Great information, exactly what I was wondering. I'll start with the nut and a set-up . Thanks again.
  9. Hey--great forum. I just acquired a newish g 400 (sg) through a craigslist trade, and I'm impressed with the pickups! but its got some tuning issues. the heavier strings I use don't quite fit in the slots on the nut (set of 11's but I'm going to put on some 12's). And the tuners are Grovers, but they actually seem a little loosy goosy, and the bridge does too. So my questions: Should I replace the nut and the bridge and the tuners? And about the bridge, do people prefer a whole new tunomatic, or just the saddle pieces? and what's the deal with a Nashville vs the ABR 1 and lastly, haven't I seen comments about Epiphone bridges being an odd size?? Thanks for advice--This is a hugely useful forum, and I'll attempt to put a photo up.
  10. http://www.warpdrivemusic.com/images/JohnM3/012110.html Here's a link. (hope it works.) no serial number. The neck plate says "bolt on neck/Made in Japan" I think. I'm wondering if anyone has this type of guitar, what the sound variety is like. What the pickups are like, etc. I always like the feel of epiphones... Thanks--this is a great forum.
  11. Hi--I'm considering buying a 70's crestwood, 'sight unplayed' as it were, online. (I've been playing a sheraton II for years) Can somebody please describe the general sound and versatility of the pickups on one of those. i.e, loud or mellow, good for clean or just distortion. I play a mix of jazzy swing and jam rock ala allman bros. with some chicken picken thrown in. I'm moving away from my telecaster, I was looking as SG s for a while, but the epiphones look much cooler. I know people on here are in favor of epis, but some objective advice would be just the ticket. Thanks--Basically, I'm asking, If I pick up a crestwood, (70's, 2 full size humbucker version, dot inlays) Will it be versitile enough to play a range of warm and classic sounds, and will it feel like a gibson/epi ? And should I think about upgrading pickups?? Thanks, Thanks, Thanks,
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