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  1. This project has taken a while to get started, but I will get down to it now. I am not a gear head and don't know all the parts, numbers and dealers out there. I want this guitar to be as close to the original Crestwood Deluxe as possible when it comes to changing the hardware and mount the third mini humbucker. It'll be a fun project. It would be great to hear your opinions and suggestions for these items: - 5 way toggle switch (chrome) - Pick ups (Lollars are mentioned) Different pickups from bridge to neck? - Wiring where I can switch between these five positions: brid
  2. Thanks, guys! I'll post pics when it's done - but it'll take a while! Maybe I'll go for original Epiphone parts, we'll see. The hardware on it now is ok, but not top quality. I still haven't decided on a three way switch or a five way switch. I should have known this, but did the Crestwood Deluxe have a three way or five way switch? Cosmitron: Great idea! Also: which minihumbuckers on the market now are closest to the originals on the Deluxe?
  3. I just bought an Aged Wilshire '66 and plan to rebuild it to make it a "Deluxe" with three mini humbuckers - like the Crestwood Deluxe. Maybe fit a Maestro Vibrola or a Bigsby B5. Just for the fun of it. Any hints, tips and info on how to make this idea to reality is very much welcome. Also for the wiring. Please bring on tips on replacement tuners, bridge, selector switch and mini humbuckers too!
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