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  1. Check your bridge pickup wiring. Mine came wired incorrectly from the factory. I needed to rewire the toggle switch and it is night and day difference. Here is link to the wiring diagram I used. The SM-1 has a On/On mini toggle swith. So it is series/parallel https://forum.seymourduncan.com/forum/the-pickup-lounge/328508-trying-to-understand-why-how-the-sd-parallel-wiring-scheme-diagram-works#post5550977
  2. Hi i'm Anna.

    I аm looking for a gentle аnd SEXy mаn

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  3. Update I bought the Stew Mac gold Gibson Firebird rings. I then used polish in an attempt to remove the gold plating. Well sure enough it was easy to remove the gold plating and expose the nickel underneath. I then aged the rings and they look great. So anyone looking for nickel Firebird rings you can buy the gold ones and polish off the gold plating to get to the nickel.
  4. StewMac seems to have the correct size rings now in gold, chrome and black. I replaced all chrome parts on my 2016 Firebird T with aged nickel and used the black rings as nickel is not available.
  5. Please do not use Scratch-X as it contains silicone! Is Scratch-X silicone free
  6. From what I can see, the wiring is modern. That is cap is soldered to the volume pot to the same lug as the pickup (outer lug). The next thing I noticed is in both pictures with the caps (the orange drops and the Emersons) the cap appears to be touching the center lug of the volume pot. It could just be the angle of the pictures. Those caps should be moved so they do not touch any lugs.
  7. I would not worry about the case blanket. If I remember correctly there have been posts about them possibly causing scratches on the guitar. I could be wrong though.
  8. I had a similar issue with my 2013 R0. What I found out is that 2 of my saddle screws were loose. Take the bridge off of the guitar and turn it over and see if any of the saddle screws and saddles start to hang or fall out. This will indicate a saddle screw being too loose and can cause rattles. I had some spare saddles screws, replaced the loose ones and now they fit tight and no more rattle on certain notes.
  9. R0 / '60s Reissue. Double rings tuners give it away.
  10. I was trying to demo the tonal difference the best that can be done via you tube. The title of the thread "335 vs Dot". You Tube vid is 335 vs Dot. The OP was not specific on what differences thus my reply. Well I deleted what I wanted to say as after thinking about it I thought it would be best. :-)
  11. Here is a comparison between the two via YouTube This will give you basic idea comparing the sound of both.
  12. I think you have the 12th fret measurements backwards Treble side should be 3/64 Bass side should be 5/64
  13. Serial 801726 8 = 1958 Reissue 0 - Last digit of year manufactured. In this case 2010 1726 - the 1726th R8 produced that year. Hope this helps.
  14. Tim, Thanks for the info. I am leaning towards the '57 more than the '68 due to it being all mahogany.
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