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  1. Just bought (arrived on 2010-02-10) my first Epiphone (note the "first") It's an Epiphone Dot Studio, Wine Red Burst. A sticker in the back of the headstock read "HAND-CRAFTED IN CHINA" and the label inside says Model : Dot Studio WS (don't know about the WS part?) Serial : 09101501800 Bump[biggrin]
  2. Hi Russ! My reply isn't about the guitars ... but about lessons I played the guitar since I early age, went through the 80s pop/rock/punk bands, recorded a CD (first and only!) and my pop/rock band in the early 90s. Then I stopped playing the guitar for 15 years (!) (I did a violin course in that period and that's my job today) But my guitar technique was always sloppy. I picked up the guitar again this past summer and enrolled on 2 online Jazz schools: Jimmy Bruno and Andreas Oberg If you're interested do a search and you'll find the links easilly - I don't want to sound lik
  3. Just to add my very expensive 2 cents... My scene is jazz and these days everyone - from top professionals to beginners - is playing the Henriksen amps. http://www.jazzamp.com/ I agree with the amp option first Just unearthed my ol' Dean Markley DMC-80 and it's a diferent world ... way far from todays PCs/electronics tendencies.
  4. Hi guys, thanks for all the replies so far! the outcome is being very interesting! For instance, the LP and ES335 types seem to be all the rage - while other that I'd be interested in, like the Broadway or the Emperors Regent/Swingster didn't cast any votes until now... But I must confess I've been really tempted to buy a LP type, but I don't have a clue so far at what model. I'd like something with traditional humbuckers, a simple setup ... and a black pickguard )
  5. Thanks, Custom... modding seems to be an important theme here, I'll have to check that! Any photos of the one you're working on? Cosmitron, Awsome that Coronet! What kind of finish is that?! Was it hand-painted or what? :) Love it in any case. (and great playing BTW, I'm listening to your "Wilshire Boulevard" :)
  6. Tartanbeastie, Didn't know about the Del Rey. Thanks! A bit on the PRS type, right? Peter, Looks great, and that one of course I knew already! Congrats on the nice guitar you have, then :) Thanks, guys! Joao
  7. This is just for fun - hopefully! But also because, as a new owner of my first Epiphone and being very happy about it, I'm already thinking about the next one! So...! If you can, which is the best of all Epiphones for you? And why? My reply is easy - as it's completely biased I only played/own one Epiphone! So to me it has to be mine, the Epiphone Dot Studio, Wine Red Burst. Headstock and neck are awsome in its simplicity - while "quoting" the gorgeous Benedetto archtops, I think. This guitar has charisma - and at the same time I feel that many people wouldn't look twice at
  8. Thanks, RD! That was great too 8-) Thursday will be the day - need to buy the new strings. All together I think this will be a good reference! JayP
  9. Thanks, Ibby That was helpful and I'll try it!
  10. Hi, I usually play mine (L5 type and Dot Studio) on the right leg, no strap, or with crossed legs. I also find really comfortable using something like a classical guitar foot rest, not very high, but under the right foot. JP
  11. Thanks for welcome and advice, Gents Sounds good, then! One other question if I may ... any good guide/tutorial around here on the truss rod adjustment? I did it on my other guitar (Washburn J-6, L-5 style) but with this new baby I'm feeling more self-conscious I may end up odering another one :) I'd love to have it with a Charlie Christian pickup!) Thanks again! Joao
  12. Greetings! I'm new to this place and I'm also the proud owner of a brand new Dot Studio (Wine Red Burst) I totally love this guitar and I'm still amazed at its price/quality! My scene is jazz and I'd like to put some heavier, flatwound strings to it, maybe some 0.012 to 0.052, but I'm not sure if this neck can handle that extra tension... anyone here with experience with heavier strings on this guitar? (and do you know by any chance what strings this guitar ships with?) Thanks and happy playing, everyone Joao
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