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  1. https://instagram.com/p/BYBR4PXlHb6/ I instantly changed the knobs on mine....;)
  2. I also got one a few weeks ago and love it! Anyway, just wondering about others pickup height? How high or low do you set the '57s on yours?
  3. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!! Amazing - congrats!
  4. By the way, i also knew that page, but i think many doesn´t Thought it´s cool to know that about my Epiphone Riviera: Guitar Info Your guitar was made at the Peerless Plant, Korea February 1995 Production Number: 4095 Peerless Korea Co., Ltd. Peerless Korea Co., Ltd. is a Korean-Japanese joint venture company headquartered in South Korea and has been in the guitar-manufacturing industry since 1970. With the core expertise in guitar manufacturing initiated from Japan, Peerless has provided 2.9 million pieces of guitars in the worldwide market so far. Peerless had once manufactured 30,000 pieces of guitars per month in the past in order to meet the order quantity, however have gradually changed their focus from quantity quality. With this in mind they have cut down their manufacturing capacity to 2,000 pieces per month just to ensure the high quality of our products. Peerless produces guitars via OEM for brands such as Epiphone by Gibson, Alvarez, Hoyer and Gretsch by Fender. Note: While not explicitly stated it is believed that Peerless is part owned by Aria of Japan.
  5. Yeah, that looks great....
  6. Love affair: Valve Senior + any of my pedals + Squier Classic Vibe Custom Telecaster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I also thought that the first thing would be to change the stock tubes.But i like it stock so far.Works great with all my OD/Booster pedals and the volume on the guitar. I found yesterday a 12ay tube at home...so maybe try it in V1...someday...
  8. PLEASE POST YOUR FAVORITE SETTINGS OF THE VALVE SENIOR !!! My current settings: Gain: 1 o'clock Treble: ---- Mids: 1 o'clock Bass: 11 o'clock Presence: ---- Master: full Reverb: ----
  9. Can't believe you're using this amp at home...i played it tonight with my band and with my Fatboost pedal in front -POW- awesome loud...
  10. Hello and welcome to the Epiphone forum and the Valve Senior Club!Looks pretty nice what i can see on the photo.Don't forget to report after your Senior is modded...
  11. I guess i have to get one of those VJ Cabs....the combination looks soo cool and i can hear only good things 'bout the VJ's.Even the price is absolutely ok.
  12. That should be a start.... what cabinets do you guys use for your VS's?Valve Junior 1x12? Any recommendations?
  13. Today i got my Valve Senior Head and tested it a little bit......i was blown away....i didn't thought that it got that nice TONE!!!!! Especially with my Squier Classic Vibe 50's Telecaster it sounds awesome!!!!And with my Fulltone Fatboost Clone engaged....POW...can't tell you how happy i am with this amp. So let's start a VALVE SENIOR CLUB ! It would be great to share all the experiences,mods and opinions on this great amp! First member : gypsyseven[biggrin]
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