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  1. An Alvarez Fusion or Artist series would be in your price range. They have a great sound and are very playable. Warren Haynes is one of their endorsees. Link http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Alvarez-AJ418C-Artist-Cutaway-Jumbo-AcousticElectric-Guitar-with-System-600-Mk-II?sku=582274
  2. This is probably closer to 50 instead of 10, but this was as small as I could narrow it down. So in no particular order: Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia The Byrds Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers Charlie Daniels Band The Beatles The Rolling Stones The Who The Allman Brothers Band Creedence Clearwater/John Fogerty Marshall Tucker Band A/C D/C The Electric Flag/Mike Bloomfield Led Zeppelin Aerosmith Phish Lynerd Skynerd Deep Purple Government Mule/Warren Haynes The Animals Big Brother/ Janis Joplin The Eagles Doc Watson Willie Nelson Albert Lee Leon Russell Ray Cha
  3. Check out an Ibanez. They have several models in your price range
  4. I love Kustom amps. Never knew they made guitars. The one you have is gorgeous. How does it sound? Could you post some audio of it?
  5. It's bootifull. Thanks for the GAS!!!
  6. Thanks Neo, when you look at it as you so elequently described, top wrapping makes no sense. Your statement at the end, "I'll do it the way Gibson's been doing it since 1956" I think says it best. I think the earlier poster who said people took it from the early SG and Les Paul Jr's single bridge/tailpiece had it correct.
  7. She's as purdy as all yer guitars are man. You know how to pick em. I agree its time for a family portrait.
  8. The Geckos look like someone puked on a Les Paul
  9. Warning Warning GAS Attack
  10. One just opoened in the area about a month ago. Had em twice now. They are very good, but extremely filling. I skip the fries now.
  11. The old Hairslide huh? Mine slid down my face to where I now have a decent beard and the balance went down my back. One bit of advice... don't forget to wear a hat or cap in the summer. Sunburns on bald heads are not fun. Keep it covered in the winter also. You lose a lot of body heat out the top.
  12. I agree with ya Rocket. HCB is nice. Ice Tea would be my 2nd choice.
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