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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Someone was right some decent pups can cost as much as the guitar itself. Maybe I will just sell the SG and buy the Slash Signature LP with Duncans. Ya I should be able to convince my wife that I need a new guitar....lol
  2. Well I have decided. I want the Tobacco Burst Epi LP Slash Signature Series. Now I just have to find one. Anyone have one they want to sell or trade?
  3. I am thinking about changing out the factory pups on my g400. Just something to get a differant sound than what I already have. I have an LP with Gibson 57's and a LP with p90s. Was going to see if anyone had any suggestions. I was considering the Gibson angus young sig series pups but never met anyone who has had them. I am new to this modding thing so was just looking for suggestions. I mostly play blues, classic rock, hard rock, no metal or anything like that. Thanks
  4. Just had a quick question. The 1960 LP tribute I purchased new at guitar center has a serial # beginning with F. I have heard that normally this indicates that it was built at the Fujigen plant in Japan, however I have been told that these where all built in China. Is the china info incorrect or is this a change to the serial numbering? Thanks
  5. While checking the serial number on my 1960 lp tribute it came back as manufacture in 2003. Is this right? I thought those were a more recent release guitar than that. the number is F302143. Thanks
  6. Man I really like that Lucille and the wildkat. I am not familiar with the Jacks on the Lucile (the stereo/mono thing).
  7. Great. Now there are a lot of guitars I need to get...lol
  8. Well I now have an epi LP 56 goldtop, a 1960 tribute LP and an SG G400 so I am trying to decide what epi I need to look for next. I like my guitars to all have a little differant sound so I am thinking maybe a Slash with Duncans. Any suggestions?
  9. The guitar is now in my possession. Thanks to all of you for the Advice. So far I really like it. Sounds really good clean. I don't like the feel of the switch but I would guess it's probably not a switchcraft switch. Might have to change that out. The guy just had it professionally setup 2 weeks ago so it plays like butter. Guess it's time to plug it in to my stack and play it dirty. I will post a new family photo shortly. Thanks again. Doug
  10. I am looking at buying a 56 goldtop reissue tomorrow and just wanted to see what the opinions are about this guitar. It is used but pristine. The cost is 425.00 with epi case. Thanks
  11. So I did a little horsetrading and picked up a beautiful 2004 SG400 today. I put a set of strings on it and it sounds great. I believe it is Chinese made. The other part of the deal was a Fender London 185 Head and a mediocre 4x12 Cabinet. The London Head is sweet. Needs a little going over but it sounds awesome. Wish I could find a manual for it though. Just thought I would brag a bit.
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