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  1. That Sheraton looks like it has a Gibson TRC, which, if I recall correctly, makes it an older model, probably made in Korea. (Don't take my word as gospel, there are others around here who can tell you for sure.) If that IS correct, however, that makes it somewhat more desirable - IF what it is you desire is a Sheraton. Lot of "if's" in there. Make sure you play it before you make up your mind. For what it's worth, I own a WildKat and think it's great (2007, MIK). Neck pup is a little dark, I tend to use the middle position the most. The neck profile is fairly beefy, w
  2. Definitely wine red. Or, wait til they release them in Pelham Blue.
  3. Let's maybe not be so rash just yet, Keef. What do you mean by, "meh" tone? What kind of tone are you getting, and what are you looking for? Is it too dark, too muddy, too bright, too harsh...? You can try raising or lowering the individual pole pieces on the pups and see if that gets you closer to what you're looking for. But if you really aren't bonding with it, so be it. I'm sure there are a few folks around here who'd be happy to help you find it a new home~ Cheers, P.
  4. LSAR brings up a great point. You have a budget of $700. Do NOT blow it all on the guitar - keep some cash in reserve for upgrades, mods, & extras. Whatever guitar you choose, you may well want to upgrade the pots & such at some point, plus maybe a new nut, roller bridge / saddles... Maybe you need a capo, some extra strings, a stand, a new cable... OK, so those last few things aren't expensive on their own, but they do add up. Point is, keep some of that stuff in mind when you're getting ready to lay out your cash. And let us know what you decide to
  5. The only difference between the 'Kat and the 'Kat Royale is the finish. The 'Kat (standard) only currently comes in the "Antique Natural" finish. The Royale comes in white with gold-fleck binding. There *may* be a black Royale, depending on where you are. Or, you could look for a used 'Kat in a different finish - I think the options are Sunrise Orange, Trans Black, Red Flake, or Turquoise - the last two being somewhat rare and hard-to-find.
  6. I suppose it depends on how you define, "affordable." RS Guitarworks has a whole slew of pre-wired harness available, you may want to check them out: http://store.rsguitarworks.net/ There's also a member "on another forum" with whom I've dealt in the past. He hooked me up with my 'Kat harness, and it really made a difference: http://jonesyblues.com Both of these outfits can sell you the whole kit pre-wired, or just the loose parts package for a DIY job.
  7. If getting a pre-wired harness is out, I'd caution you to practice your soldering before you get into the real job. It is possible to overheat the pots and fry them.
  8. This is almost certainly NOT "the wiring", but the pots themselves. Do yourself a favour and look into a whole new wiring harness; switch, pots, jack, & cables. SwitchCraft switch & jack, CTS pots. There are a few reputable dealers who can send you the whole thing pre-assembled, all you need to do is solder the connections. I've done it, through the f-holes (no back plate). It ain't easy, and I'm far from a handyman, so if I can do it, anyone can.
  9. Nice 'Kat~ I see the poker chip has been removed, and those don't look like stock knobs. Did you do that, or is that how you got it? Any other mods been done? And, more importantly - How does she play?
  10. We eagerly anticipate your "group shot..." AND individual reviews & comparisons! Inquiring minds want to know!
  11. Pics, or it never happened. How you liking that WildKat?
  12. Congratulations on the 'Kat! Good choice! Here's a free tip for you: When changing strings, after you wrap the string through & around the Bigsby rollers, use a capo to hold the string taut while you work on threading it through the tuning peg. After you take up the slack you can remove the capo. Enjoy~
  13. I'm not above throwing some fuel on that fire.... (DO IT!)
  14. You do NOT want to know what I paid for mine.... I actually got mine in Korea, and you'd think that by going to "the source" so to speak, I would've gotten a heckuva deal. You'd be wrong. (But I'd do it again!)
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