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  1. Aster - the movie about Japan that you speak of is, I believe,"Blood on the Sun" with Jimmy Cagney as the newspaperman. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0037547/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_23
  2. the logo doesn't match - Epi has a single horizontal while this logo has two.
  3. Has anyone used StewMac's Jack the Gripper? Any similar tools available, perhaps from another supplier?
  4. To play Devil's advocate, wouldn't that be like saying "Follow me home where I have a bunch of beautiful and expensive guitars for you to steal" Maybe I'm just a pessimist.
  5. I thought this was going to be a discussion of forum members
  6. oops - chanman apparently buys from Atlas Stands http://atlas-stands.com/
  7. Chanman apparently builds amp stands. search for the topic: My amp stand for anyone interested
  8. Summer 1954 - as a 3 year old I was run over by a car (tire tracks across my hips) Fractured skull, concussion, fractured pelvis, 2 broken hips, lost all of my fingernails. - 45 days in the hospital Spring of 1961 - fell off of a 40 foot cliff. concussion, bumps and bruises - 2 weeks in the hospital 2005 - cerebral Aneurism 1 week icu 1 week regular hospital bed - 2 months off work other than that I'm just fine!
  9. Red Sails in the Sunset by Tab Hunter (around 1956-57) Oh Donna by Richie Valens around '57 Walk Don't Run by the Ventures
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