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  1. Heh, guilty as charged. The hope street building is reserved for dancers and costume/set designers, though. To turn the table, I'd say a furriner living in Scandinavia is likely to have met a fair-haired girl, and made a rather rash decision to up and leave the Queen's country. And out of all the Scousers I know, the split is pretty evenly 50/50 red and blue. Adding insult to injury, your captain is Phil Neville I meant new pups as in new to me, I'm sure they've been in a Gibson. They don't look worn or marked in any way, and they sound good, so I'm happy. I'll get around to photos asap. Cheers
  2. Hi again. Thanks for your replies. I just got the guitar back from Ye Olde Music Shoppe, with a new set of Gibson PAF's and pots. Having never soldered or worked with any sort of electrics in my life, I was too scared to have my Sheraton be my first guinea pig. I paid £180 for the new hardware + installation, does that sound about right to you guys? The guitar sounds a lot clearer, and has a lot more growl and bite than before. Only problem is the new pot screws are slightly wider than the old, so my old knobs won't fit, but I just bought a new set of amber ones on Ebay, hopefully they'll fit. I'll put up some pictures when I get them. Joe Samick: I'm originally from Norway, but am now in Liverpool. Great city, great football team (and one not so great)! Small world! Cheers
  3. Hi, all. This is my first post here. I searched the forum and read about 20 pages of Sheraton-related stuff, which was very enlightening, but I didn't find exactly what I was looking for. Anyway, my Sheraton II is a Korean 88' Epiphone by Gibson (I understand that's kind of a big deal around here?) in Tobacco-burst. It's pretty much a spotless guitar, visually. Finish and bindings are great. I bought it used on Ebay for £400 (I see some here have gotten better deals). It's been taken very good care of (not played that much, I suspect), and sounds pretty sweet. I have been thinking about replacing the electrics and the pick-ups, but as I'm primarily a bass player and currently finishing my last year in Uni, those operations will have to wait for at least a little while. I'll try to put some pictures up soon. Anyway, I was playing around with it a the day before yesterday, and was working on some volume swells for a song I'm producing. It was sounding fat, but within the space of 10 minutes, the bridge volume pot went from absolutely fine to slightly heavier on the torque to just plain stuck. As I kept doing the swells, it would get progressively harder to turn the bridge pup knob. I was doing the swells in both single-pup positions (i.e. both in bridge-only and neck-only), and the neck pot never started acting up, and is still working fine. I'm gonna take it to a guy in Uni (I'm on a music course) to have him look at it tomorrow, but I thought I'd ask around here if anyone has ever experienced anything like this before, what the cause and cure might be, and if I should take this as a sign from above that it's time to replace the pots etc.? Cheers Mme
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