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  1. Heh, guilty as charged. The hope street building is reserved for dancers and costume/set designers, though. To turn the table, I'd say a furriner living in Scandinavia is likely to have met a fair-haired girl, and made a rather rash decision to up and leave the Queen's country. And out of all the Scousers I know, the split is pretty evenly 50/50 red and blue. Adding insult to injury, your captain is Phil Neville I meant new pups as in new to me, I'm sure they've been in a Gibson. They don't look worn or marked in any way, and they sound good, so I'm happy. I'll get around to photo
  2. Hi again. Thanks for your replies. I just got the guitar back from Ye Olde Music Shoppe, with a new set of Gibson PAF's and pots. Having never soldered or worked with any sort of electrics in my life, I was too scared to have my Sheraton be my first guinea pig. I paid £180 for the new hardware + installation, does that sound about right to you guys? The guitar sounds a lot clearer, and has a lot more growl and bite than before. Only problem is the new pot screws are slightly wider than the old, so my old knobs won't fit, but I just bought a new set of amber ones on Ebay, hopefully they'll
  3. Hi, all. This is my first post here. I searched the forum and read about 20 pages of Sheraton-related stuff, which was very enlightening, but I didn't find exactly what I was looking for. Anyway, my Sheraton II is a Korean 88' Epiphone by Gibson (I understand that's kind of a big deal around here?) in Tobacco-burst. It's pretty much a spotless guitar, visually. Finish and bindings are great. I bought it used on Ebay for £400 (I see some here have gotten better deals). It's been taken very good care of (not played that much, I suspect), and sounds pretty sweet. I have been thinking
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