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  1. Did the pots come with two nuts each? If so, you can adjust the inner nut (inside the guitar) so the shaft doesn't stick out so much. If they only came with one nut, then add another nut or add some washers inside the guitar.
  2. Several years ago I wanted a 335 but couldn't afford a Gibson at the time. In researching online I heard about the Elite/Elitist Series, and found a used Elitist 335 for a good price locally. It is a great guitar. I have since bought an Epi 355 and bought/sold an Elitist Casino and an Elitist Chet Atkins Country Gentleman.
  3. When I bought my 2012 Traditional, I really wanted a Honeyburst. I was holding out for the MF end of year sale and the best price was on a Light Burst so I snagged it. It plays great and the color has grown on me.
  4. Since this is the Les Paul forum I will say teardrop as that's what I like on a Les Paul. I really like a perimeter burst on an Epi Casino though, and on some other 335 shaped guitars, like CB's.
  5. I put an Aluminum TP on my Traditional for the heck of it. I got an aftermarket brand (Gotoh I think) off the Bay for about $30. I thought it sounded a little brighter compared to stock, but my experiment was not scientific and I am well aware of the placebo effect, so I'm not claiming any real difference. I was amazed how much lighter the Aluminum TP was though, a few ounces lighter IIRC, and I'm all for reducing the weight of an LP. No way would I drop $200 on one.
  6. I have no idea whether the TPs are screwed all the way down or not on any of my stop-tail equipped guitars, or whether any of the strings are touching the bridge. Nor do I care.
  7. Three things: 1. If 5 of the strings are OK and one is buzzing, then you likely have a bad fret or bad string. If it's a bad fret, then a truss rod adjustment may help, but it will only be masking the fret issue. A fret dress by a competent luthier would be a better solution. Not uncommon to have fret issues on an Epi. 2. The nut only affects open strings. If you are getting buzzing when fretting a string (you mentioned 1st through 5th frets on the B string), the problem is not the nut. 3. Adding relief is not the same as raising the bridge, though both will raise the action i
  8. Started in early 1979 at 16 and bought a new LP Custom in late 1980. It was a Norlin era non-turd with Shaw pickups and I still have it.
  9. I don't care for the smaller bodied versions of the "335 shaped" guitars such as the 339 and Casino Coupe. I like the larger bodies and think the smaller versions look funny.
  10. I agree. Sometimes just flipping it up and down several time will cure it.
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