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  1. I have posted other request asking what my lp is worth. yes, the one without a serial number. its a great axe. I am looking for a value to put it on ebay The mick
  2. to my axe men mates, thanks guys, a sucker is born every day. you have all educated me the pass 2 weeks about gibson guitars and my phoney that i no longer want. I of course want to replace it in my armada of axe's with an original, of course. special thanks to flyer for helping out and thundergod for being so sincere and honest. so what do you think the axe is worth?? it plays nice all the way to the 21st fret (22 & 23 are also playable) another one bites the dust........... The Mick
  3. thunder god, i would want you to view these pixs for your expertise, but how. please advise the mick
  4. Men, what is it about the desciption that i gave of my LP??? I have taken pixs of the Axe. How do I get them on the forum so they can be viewed. the mick
  5. Mick again, finished servicing axe. it is very very heavy, it weighs in at 11 pounds. does that help on it's origin?? I can take pix, who do i post them? the stick "careful w/ the axe Eugene"
  6. Mick again, the axe is very very heavy. it weights in at 11 pounds. i just finished servicing it. does that help the stick
  7. ok, i am putting it out there. my LP is like between red and maroon sunburst somewhere color.. its knobs are solid chrome as well as all its deck components (i put a magnet to them) the knobs have no numbers but this magical textured grip like i never seen on anything like it, almost like reptile skin w/ zero slipping on knob. it has 4 floating pickups that can be adjusted up or down. it has the large square fret inlays. the gibson loga at the top is old and tarnished and their is some miniscule chipping of finish that shows the brillance pearl of the logo underneath. the truss rod bell c
  8. I have taken my les paul dark red electric guitat looking for a serial number on the neck as well as opening all rear compartments, but no luck. my axe is definietly a older model. help........... the Stick
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