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  1. Ernie Ball Super Slinkys on my SG and my Strat. I prefer them over any other brand/type of guitar strings. I just like the feel of the 9-42 on double cutaway guitars with low action.
  2. I suppose you're right. Might try modding the pickguard sometime though whenever I buy a cheap Special.
  3. I asked the guy to hold it for me until next week but he says he can't make any promises. Turns out he works until late in the day and gets out, of course, when I'm not available. lol I'll see what I can do sometime this week.
  4. Les Paul pg or SG? I was thinking the '61 pg.
  5. ...okay, I hope anyone doesn't think I'm weird. There are a ton of Epiphone guitars with floating pickguards so, why not for an SG? I mean, there are 1970s SGs that have Les Paul pickguards: However, they're screwed down to the body. Any thoughts on this? Of course, I'm thinking that there'd only be the screw near the neck humbucker and the other for the bracket.
  6. Eh, I would guestimate about $150-200 typically for a used one.
  7. Awesome! I got an e-mail back and it's a bolt-on. I'm still buying it though a set neck would've been sweet.
  8. Seems to be in a good condition (probably better than my SG haha). I can't tell what type of amplifier it is but here's the picture:
  9. Thanks! It's being sold for $50 with an amp. Seems like a pretty good deal (especially if I would buy it and then sell it for a much higher profit).
  10. Hey, I saw one of these on Craigslist the other day and I was wondering; is this rare? I haven't seen too many of these. If anything, they have the ridiculous humbuckers nowadays. Would it be worth it to buy it?
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