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  1. Thanks for the info, Paruwi...man, that was quick! Yeah, Whitmore Willy, I know...I'd have to put in new pots if I wanna split. Forgot to mention that. Just wanna doa little hot-roddin'...ya dig? See how far I can take my LP-100...should be interesting. I knew the stock pups were good, just didn't realize how good! But, here's a stupid question: why do they (Gibson) claim them as alnico's when the description says the magnets are ceramic? Am I missing something?
  2. Hey, gang. Well, I'm thinking of moddding the ol' LP-100, which is still kind of brand new. I'm thinking of putting in a preamp so I can shape my tone (distortion, overdirve, etc..) on the fly. I also want the ability to coil tap, so I'm thinking of hotter pups. My question is, does anyone know the specs on the stock 700T/650R pups (how they are wound, resistance, etc)? Couldn't find anything on the Gibson website, so if you know the facts, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
  3. Super Slinky's since the early to mid - 80's I guess. What else is there??? Hahahhaa!
  4. Thanks, all...for everything. Now, if I had that black/grey model...hmmm...!
  5. Nevermind...the box had the product code on it. It's all registered and ready for some new strings which I'll put on tomorrow...provided I can put it down long enough! Full review and pics coming soon!
  6. Well, it' more beautiful than I thought! I'll do a full write up on it soon and try to get some pics up. Also, I'm doing the online registration. Can someone help me out with a product code? It's an Ebony, right handed model. Thanks for all the help!
  7. Well, the Mrs. called and told me it was finally delivered. Can't wait to get home. Although, I really think Amazon should let me keep the Cherryburst at no charge for the inconvenience....I'll run it by them! Ha! Anyway, my new Ebony LP-100 is gonna see some action tonight. Guess I'll ship the Cherryburst back tomorrow.
  8. Yeah, that's it. It's really cool!
  9. While I'm waiting for the new guitar, here's something interesting. On the Cherryburst LP-100 I received, the back plate on the neck is 3 dimensional. It's black and silver, has the Epi logo, "made in China" and the serial number. All of the other back plates I've seen on an Epi are flat silver with just the s/n on it. Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? I can try to post a pic when I get home...
  10. Ok...so I get home to my brand new, Ebony LP-100, open the box and it's Cherryburst! I swore I would never own a "burst" colored guitar...ever! Just doesn't do it for me. So, Amazon is supposedly sending me the correct color. Will be here on Thursday. Of note, the plastic covering the pups says "ceramic magnets". Don't the LP-100's have Alnico's? Also, don't know if this means anything, but it was made in China.
  11. Maybe my wife can bring it and my practice amp down during lunch and I can jam in the parking lot! Nahhh...she'll never go for it...
  12. It's here!!! The Mrs. took today off and said the LP was just delivered...an entire day early! Now, if I can just come down with a cold or something and go home early...hmmmm..... I'll post up what I think once I can tear my fingers off it. Can't wait to get home!
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