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  1. I echo this. Take your guitar to get set up by a professional. Epi Dots make great beginner and hot rodding platforms. The standard equipment such as the electronics (wiring, pots and pickups) are not of the best quality and neither is the plastic nut. I upgraded my pots (after they gave out) and pickups to my taste and now its a grade A axe. I don't want to sound presumptuous but knowing how to string the guitar properly makes a great difference on tuning stability. I use this method on my non-locking tuner guitars and it works just as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGLMy6DbpBc
  2. I think its gonna come down to: -the neck (profile, radius0 -body size (thickness, and width) -single coils vs hums (this can be taken care of later though) Don't be afraid of Gretsch's floating bridge. Just tape it down during string changes, and your good. As long as the guitar's nut is cut right, and you put a little liquid graphite in the nut the bigsby wont be a problem. you just gotta play them, sitting down and standing up. Whichever one feels more comfortable IE going from chords to lead playing without it feeling like you running an obstacle course is prolly the one. Have fun & happy hunting
  3. I got Mean 90s in a Yamaha LP copy. I made a huge difference in tone. It made the guitar come to life. I would highly suggest GFS pups!
  4. Idk about under a 1k SS amps killing Tube... That completely eliminates the used and vintage market. I bought my 1992 Peavey Classic 50 in 2006 and the thing kicks major ***. Recently got to play a JTM 45, a Tweed Deluxe, Vox AC30, a Vox Night Train (it was also awesome) and a Fender Twin Reverb. I still liked mine more, and believe me I wanted to like any on of those more, I did all my research and all that jazz and when it came down to just ears and my Dot... the PV C50 is the way to go. I payed $320 for it in 2006 and it runs amazingly and I haven't had to put new tubes in it yet. just my $0.02 though, maybe your experience is different
  5. I love the P90 combo as well. I need more pics of your Joe Pass, shes purty
  6. I love GHS Boomers they are amazing I use 11s though
  7. Love Mike Ness and Mr Strummer if you are playing with distortion i find that if you play with the switch in the middle (both pick ups on) that sounds good, then for solos switch to down or (bridge) pick up (Pup or PU) to cut through. This especially works if your using distortion. I pretty much never use the neck pup alone, and especially not with distortion on, it seems to get too muddy... this is all just preference, you dont have to do that, whatever sounds good to u works dont be shy to ask questions oh and Horray for us Lefties
  8. So the point of the project is to paint it, and put a pickguard on it?....
  9. You'll never get it to Standard Specs....... the studio is mahogany.... the standard is maple.... plus the input jacks are in different places so if you made a studio into a standard it wouldnt be the same guitar
  10. How did you get the White to come out so nicely?
  11. yes how much? and where they CTS pots and Switchcraft jacks and toggle
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