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  1. Has anyone tried different P90s on their Peerless Sorrento ? Such as Lollar, Duncan, Vintage Vibe ? Wondering how the Peerless P90s compare.
  2. That orange is nice. It suits the guitar. I've always liked that color.
  3. Johnny The good news is that there are lots of SGs around. There's no shortage of them on Kijiji or eBay. Something will show-up up your way.
  4. What about the statement that 2013-2015 SGs have inferior neck joints compared to this one (2011/2012) ? Any truth to that ? Rev Six is right : this is a very clean guitar. $1200 - $1400 US is approx $1500 - $1800 Canadian. He's asking $1750.
  5. If I could impose on you guys again, could you comment on the claims in this add ? I'm still getting up to speed on SGs. My impression is that this is over priced and the seller may think this particular year/model is more special than it really is. But I don't know all that much so maybe I'm wrong. It's certainly a nice unit but the price is a good $500 - $600 higher than anything similar I've seen. In a private email he also says the fret board is Ebony ! That would surprise me very much but he may think that's what it is. 2011/2012 '61 Reissue
  6. I stopped in again to have a look at this guitar. The price went up since my visit 3 days ago. They increased it to $1600 ! Its a nice guitar but it wasn't any nicer or better that a new 2017 Standard that's priced slightly less. I think I'll look around at the used market in southern Ontario to see what's out there.
  7. Thanks for the info guys. The guitar in this link is just like the one at the local Long and Mcquade store. I have no special interest in the fact that it's a 120th anniversary model; The guitar happens to be there as a used model and I didn't know if there was anything really special about it or not, hence my questions. I've never fallen for this limited edition/collectible hype. From what I see from the replies here, it is a somewhat desirable guitar but over-priced at nearly $1500 Canadian (about $1150 US). My link
  8. Johnny They wanted somewhere around $1500 for the 2014 120th Anniversary. And about the same for a new 2017 Standard. I'm not experienced at recognizing all the little things that affect the price of these guitars. Both of these had covered humbuckers, high gloss cherry finish, and from what I could tell - 2 piece bodies. But $1500 is a long way from the $600 you're suggesting. There must be something else to account for the price difference. I would also say that the 2014 120th Anniversary model had quite a different neck profile compared with the new 2017. Thanks for your repl
  9. There's a used 120th anniversary model available locally. Is there anything really special about it to make it worth going after versus getting something from the 2016 - 2018 line up ? It is the same priced (used) as a new 2017 Standard in the store. Thanks in advance Phil
  10. I have had new string sets where 1 or 2 of the strings would not intonate. Ran out of adjustment completely. Replaced the string set (again) and suddenly all was well.
  11. It always struck me as a stupid term for a company like Epiphone to use. It's what I would expect a department store to use, selling $59 guitars to soccer moms for their kids 7th birthday.
  12. For all the Pelham Blue and/or Sorrento fanatics out there : My link
  13. I too have a 1996 Sorrento. You can see it in this post : My link I haven't changed anything on mine
  14. I use car wax on pickup covers and tail pieces. Seems to keep 'em looking new (so far).
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