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  1. In was listed on Denver Craigslist for $600. The problem with these listings is that I want to believe they're real deal. Thanks all for the input.
  2. Hey, I found another thread on this forum proclaiming another USA Joe Pass, with UO-xxxxxxx serial number to be a fake. I'm inclined to pass on this guitar. http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=8363 Photos here, seems the same as the guitar I'm looking at: http://s700.photobucket.com/albums/ww4/maoriboy69/
  3. A photo of the guitar: Click here. Sorry that I can't figure out how to post pics. Note the apparent absence of a sticker in the upper sound hole. The seller has told me that there are no other markings or identifying information on the guitar. Should the Asian guitars have a sticker inside the body?
  4. Thanks. I'm working on getting more info & photos from the seller, who is out of state. The serial number is UO-060305.
  5. Sorry about that. I'll try again... Here's a link.
  6. Here is a photo, albeit blurry, of the back of the headstock. The serial number and "made in USA" are painted rather than stamped. Any thoughts? Anyone?
  7. There's one for sale in a local mom & pop, but I'm not sure of it's authenticity. Has anyone heard of a c. 1990 USA made Joe Pass? I can find nothing on this forum, the Gibson site, or the web in general.
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