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  1. Afternoon people. I just pre ordered one of the new 2016 Firebirds.. At that price, who could resist? I've been trawling hundreds of pages ever since to try find out some clear specs. Some places say it comes with a hard case, others say a gig bag. Most spec sheets say 'traditional' Firebird pickups. Are we to believe that they are putting in actual Firebird pickups or is this just sales jargon for the usual ceramic suspects? I am trying to see where they are cutting corners in production to price them so low (£849 compared to last year's £1299), a gig bag would be a good option for c
  2. Thanks for your reply.. I'll definitely check out the RedCoats your were talking about. I've looked at Avatar speakers, but for me to import them to the UK just costs too much. Cost is definitely a factor for me.. all the Celestions I mentioned are in the same price range of about £70-80 per speaker which is about.. $110-120. I just can't quite decide.. I'm off to look at those RedCoats you were on about.
  3. Ok.. so I have carried out one or two mods on my BC 30 (Master volume mod, replacing reverb components) and I have got a good compliment of valves, now all I need to do is swap the speakers out for some that are going to suit my style.. I play a mixture of modern/classic style with a Strat and an Explorer, I use lot of heavy fuzz and I use a HBE Germania treble booster. I'm looking for some speakers that are going to go well with that kind of set up. I have managed to narrow my choices down to: Celestion Greenbacks Celestion Vintage 30's Celestion G12H's Has anyone got any other reco
  4. A 5751 is a low gain alternative to a 12AX7/ECC83.. it probably would tame your amp a little and make it a bit smoother. They're pretty expensive pre amp valves you have there.. if it works for you then why not. Glad your MV mod worked out ok.
  5. Are you sure it wasn't a Korina Explorer? Epiphone have never made a Korina Firebird.. not to my knowledge anyway.
  6. Just to let you know, the amp now sounds like a beast with the MV mod. I had it cranked last night and wow, what a difference.. driving that preamp certainly makes this amp come alive.
  7. Oh.. one more thing.. if you want to hear what my amp sounds like (before the MV mod at least) go here http://www.myspace.com/operationkinomusic That is my band.. I'm the only guitarist, the BC 30 volume was cranked to about 2-3 o'clock with the EQ settings I mentioned in last post and on class A/B with Clean channel, I'm playing a Strat apart from on 'Hold My Breath' which I used an Explorer.. no pedals (the Big Muff was too noisy to record) so all you are hearing is the tube saturation. The tubes are.. Output: 2 x Svetlana Winged C V1 and 2: JJ ECC83S V3,4,5: EHX 12AX7 (stock) Re
  8. Hey Mj, Ok.. this morning I had chance to take a look inside and get some snaps of what my amp tech has done. You can see that the pot itself is a variable resistor and I have given you close ups of where you need to wire it up. It is shielded wire, and I assume it will be a linear pot. If you can handle getting beneath the PCB (I'm a little ham fisted when it comes to things like this, I can wire up a guitar.. but this is a little too intricate for me!), then have a go.. these photos should give you a good idea of how to go about it. Your recording sound
  9. Hey Mj.. The time difference is obviously the reason why I have not replied.. it is now 8:30am here and I'm about to leave for work. Firstly, for some reason I cannot view your photos or listen to your recording. It says that the page is unavailable or whatever. Secondly, you don't need to remove the stand by switch to accomplish the mod. I assume you have been reading the post by another forum member Jefrs? He wanted to get rid of the stand by switch anyway, I would recommend keeping the standby in.. although the argument for and against the standby on this amp is open for debate,
  10. Hi there.. I have just modded my BC 30 with a master volume mod, let me tell you.. it is exactly what this amp needs. In answer to your questions.. 1 - Buy some DECENT tubes, there is NO POINT putting in substandard tubes.. I would recommend Svetlana Winged C's for output, Sovtek 5AR4 for Rectifier, JJ ECC83 for Pre-amp and Reverb.. leave in the EHX 12AX7 for PI. If you're still not happy, try swapping the speakers for different ones. I'm going to put some Greenbacks in mine soon. 2 - Not sure about where you would buy the parts from in the States, I'm from the UK, but there is a
  11. This is very intersting.. I was playing one of these guitars in my local store yesterday. The one thing that was putting me off making the purchase was the fact that you could not see the wood grain on the top.. it seemed a little tacky to me in the shop. But looking at your photo's KDK.. it's a different guitar to the one I had in my hands yesterday.
  12. Well Legs, assuming you do genuinely want to know the definition of 'yonder', and I am not being lured in to some sort of comical trap that I won't get because I'm British and you are American.. here is the Oxford dictionary definition: Pronunciation:/'j?nd?/ adverb archaic or dialect at some distance in the direction indicated; over there: there's a ford south of here , about nine miles yonder determiner archaic or dialect that or those (used to refer to something situated at a distance): what light through yonder window breaks? noun (the yonder) the far distance: attemp
  13. I had a similar issue with my G-400 faded.. it is not an uncommon problem and is easily fixed providing you have a soldering iron. The electrics that Epiphone puts in their guitars is quite often a bit flaky and unreliable. I'd recommend you replace the electrics - especially the switch - with good parts as soon as you get chance. I haven't done that as of yet with my Korina Explorer, but the switch is on its way out after around 5-6 months of heavy playing.. I have to move the switch back and forth to get it working properly at the moment, not the best thing during a gig! It is the unfor
  14. Jefrs - I see you did the master volume mod.. did you experiment with different size pots or just stick a 250k straight in? How does it sound flat out? The reason I am doing this mod is because with a strat this amp has masses of headroom.. to get some nice saturation you need to have the volume way past halfway on the clean channel, not being a fan of the drive channel I have opted to put a master volume in to be able to drive the preamp really hard and dictate the overall volume with the master. What are your thoughts on the mod? I see you mentioned that it has altered the tone somewhat.. is
  15. Just my inexperienced tuppence worth.. ..the reason may be down to the valve as opposed to the circuit, when I switched out the valves in my BC 30 I was advised NOT to change the EHX PI because it is a very well balanced valve.. anything different would have a negative effect (this was the dude at Watford Valves, not some bloke down the pub by the way). I only switched out V1 and V2 on the recommendation of the Watford Valves dude.. that, for me, sorted out the fizzy overdrive, a problem that is common with the EHX 12AX7. With JJ 12AX7's in V1 and V2 it now sounds smooth and sweet. I'd jus
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