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  1. Hi Rog, Didn't buy a wiring kit per se, but instead ordered individual components seperately. I had hoped to get everything from this dealer: http://www.sinewavemusic.co.uk/prod24gibsonwire.html But, sadly they'd run out of stock on cts pots with 3-4 weeks waiting time. So instead, I got everything from these guys: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130400703195&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT I was slightly miffed to discover that the £16 'premium quality' toggle switch was inferior to switchcraft which can be bought for about half that price, but other than that, all was kosher! Like I said, the braided wire was just too much for MY guitar, but that's not to say that it won't by OK for yours. A quick look under the rear plate should be enough to let you know if you've got enough room. Mine was less than a third of an inch wide, whereas Alan's was two or three times wider than that. I can't tell you where to get the narrower gauge wire. Alan 'procured' some for me. I can't tell you where he got it from, only that the roof light on his Saab will never shine again!! :) We didn't have to widen the hole for the toggle, but had wo widen for the pots and the jack. Hope this helps Pete
  2. Good for you! Hope all is OK - let us know, will you? Pete.
  3. One small point from very recent (well, ongoing) experience. Forum member Alansaab is doing the exact same job on my 98 LP Std. We used quality braided wire, but the found that the bore holes between the cavities were much narrower on my LP than on alan's 2004 model. Consequently, it was a real struggle trying to force the braided wires through the holes. This ended up with the wires themselves being damaged and will require to be changed for a narrower gauge. So, it's worthwhile taking a quick look at the sizes first before ordering the wires since not all LP's are the same. Pete
  4. I'm getting my LP re-wired and pups replaced on tuesday by forum member Alansaab. I'm pretty hopeless with a soldering iron which is why I'm really delighted and grateful to Alan for offering to do the job for me. Naturally, it'll be a bit of a learning process for me, so once the job is done I'll give you the 'real duffer's inside info' as to whether it's tricky or eminently do-able! Pete.
  5. Well, I'll see what I can do - I'm not sure about how to go about recording a clip. I've just spoken to alansaab and we've arranged to do the installation this coming Tuesday (29th.) There was a bit of a delay in some of the wiring parts arriving. Maybe he'll have a good idea how to send a clip - he's a far better guitarist than me anyway, and he's got the Iron Gear pups on his LP AND his G400, so it'd make a whole lot more sense to hear his playing rather than my 'iffy' attempt. I can only say that when we compared my un-modded LP standard to Alan's modded LP Standard, there was a significant improvement in sound quality and usability. Pete.
  6. My new 'Iron Gear - Blues Engine' pups have arrived! So has my Gotoh bridge. Just waiting on the 50's wiring kit and then I'll be round to Alansaabs house to have the mods done. I can hardly wait! I've played Alan's modded LP Standard, and it's truly transformed the sound and usability of the beast. My LP standard is a pretty nice axe to begin with, and great value for money. It's definitely my 1st choice pick-up guitar. I'll let you know if it's all been a wonderful success
  7. I'll vouch for that I had the pleasure of meeting Alan last week and was mightily impressed with the versatility of his LP with the vintage wiring and Iron Gear Blues Engine pups. Compared to my stock LP, the difference was amazing! Roll back the volume control and those babies are as clean as you like - while retaining oodles of good tone. Roll 'er back up, and Kapow! there it is! - pretty much as good as it gets. Gotta get mine done soon... Gotta get mine done soon... Gotta get mine done soon... Gotta get mine done soon... Gotta get mine done soon... Gotta get mine done soon... Gotta get mine done soon... Gotta get mine done soon... Pete.
  8. Nice! C'est tres formibluddydable Lester looking the biz now alright. Seeing the viola bass takes me back to when 'I were but a lad' and our bass player bought & sold not one, but two Hofner violin basses for £25 a pop!! Mind you, he spent the £50 on a Vox Phantom... Dunno what happened to that.. Maybe it's still up in his loft btw, the thread title made me wonder if a band had come up against a particularly unappreciative NRA audience
  9. I was thinking possibly this Tuesday - say, about 12:30 (ish) I've got your moby, so I'll give you a buzz Pete
  10. Wow! Looking forwards to seeing (and hearing) what you've done to this beastie! Don't think there are any mods left for you to do on it, are there? Must be time for a new project, methinks :)
  11. You had me going there Sheila - I thought you'd actually got yourself one of those wee Black Beauties. ...there's still plently of time to get one :D
  12. Well, good for you Anthony - this is compulsive reading and very good information. Hope everything goes well for you and that you come out the other end with a terrific looking Casino and another talent to your credit.
  13. Good comprehensive review. I had my eye on getting a new Studio if I couldn't pick up a decent used LP Standard. It's encouraging that the quallity is as good as you find it for a relatively modest price. Little wonder that there are so many happy Epiphone owners here.
  14. :) :) Hee-hee! I thought it was a bit 'athletic' myself!!! Anyway - at $25 you surely have won a watch with that one - regardless of the extent of the 'crack' Well done you!!
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