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  1. I have played the red P93 in GC before, maybe 3-4 months ago, and overall I was impressed with the guitar, though having the control knobs like an ES5 but not in a linear arrangement, plus the added 3 way switch in there, makes the controls a little wonky. I liked the neck profile, too. I happened into another GC the other day and saw another one in red. I took it down and I was really disappointed. The neck profile is totally different from the one I had played before. The first one's profile was a comfortable medium C shape and had a nice taper to it. The new one was very clunky feeling, and the guitar had sort of a plasticky quality overall. I don't know if they deliberately thickened the neck because of all the issues with the first run, with broken headstocks (for a while, between eBay and various online vendors, there were a LOT of Riv's for sale with headstocks and necks that had busted in shipping from Asia). Anyhow, I had myself penciled in for a gold one, but now I'm not too sure.
  2. Good to know - I'll be buying a set soon for my ES295. I'll go with the Lollar spacers instead.
  3. Could the Allparts spacers be trimmed to fit? I'm wondering if this might have been by design, since there are variations in cover shape out there, and they are trying to make a "universal" fit. Better to have more material there than not have enough.
  4. I bought a 295 as well...Peerless factory model, 2003. Really well-built and resonant. The stock P90's were horrendous and that's being kind...way overwound and lifeless. Otherwise a great guitar in all respects.
  5. http://guitarsnjazz.com/products/peerless/master-player/gigmaster-sc/
  6. Peerless still makes the ES295, although it has a clear Pickguard and the Peerless headstock (which I kinda like better than the Epiphone).
  7. Raising the pickups is a good start. Allparts sells spacers, and so does Jason Lollar. Lollar has a wider variety of thicknesses available. Honestly, I've found the Epiphone P90's to be lacking. I just replaced the stock P90's in my 2003 Peerless-made ES295 because they were fairly lifeless. Putting them on a multimeter showed them coming in at 11.5k which is WAY too hot for a P90. They were all mids and had no character at all. I'm on a budget right now so I went with GFS for replacements, and I'm very happy with them. In the past I've used stock Gibsons, Duncan Antiquities, and a couple of others. The stock Gibsons are very good but they tend to not differentiate enough between neck and bridge. Being a Sorrento, you'll have the same bugaboo with the whole slanted pickup cover issue. If I were you, I'd just get a nice set of black aftermarket pickups - Duncan, Fralin, Lollar - about 7.8k neck, 9.0k bridge - make it look like a 50's ES125TDC.... get some spacers to correct the pickup height issue... you'll have a monster guitar.
  8. Losing this one kills me more than any of the others I've sold over the years. This is the only footage that I think exists of me playing it. Kinda hamhanded but it is what it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCAbF2Umt7s
  9. You know, the guitar was a semi-pro refin, done years before I got it, and it was never buffed to gloss, it was left matte. I decided to leave well enough alone because I really liked how it looked, plus it was cheaper that way. Here's a shot of the back.
  10. As a huge P90 fan, especially of the triple pickup variety a la T-Bone Walker, my name is already etched on a gold P93 when they become available.
  11. Thanks Mojorule, and thanks for your well-written and insightful post. All valid points as to the collectibility of this particular model. The ES350 for a while came stenciled "ES350P" for Premier - this was also later dropped. Hey Kpassa - I just re-read your back story, which is interesting because I have had conversations with a co-worker friend recently that absolutely (uncannily) mirror your story to the letter - son graduating, going to law school, wanting to buy a present that centers around maybe a Gretsch or an ES-295. By any chance do you have a friend in the Orlando area who has the initials P.C.? Value of these models is all over the map. I saw one that was refinished black by Gibson in the 1960's with chrome ES330 pickup covers go for $3995 a few months ago. It really depends on condition - especially the finish, which was very subject to wear and greening - and originality. I would say $4000 to $5000 for one repaired or refinished, up to $9000 in excellent condition.
  12. I believe it was $1500 if I recall correctly. It seemed reasonable to me for the amount of work involved. The tailpiece was a rather expensive portion of it.
  13. This would be fairly early in the ES175/295 model's life so I don't think it would be unheard of for there to be a C designation on them, even though there were no non-cutaway models in existence. They probably dropped the C later.
  14. Anybody here done business with Gibson's Repair and Restoration division in Nashville? I had them partially restore a 1951 ES350 and had a great experience. I can't find my before pics, but someone had planed the fingerboard and put dot inlays on it, a Framus tailpiece, and ill-fitting Klusons. The electronics and hardware were in tough shape. Todd Money and his guys at R&R got a new fingerboard and tailpiece from the Custom Shop, installed a new set of Tone Pros Klusons, rehabbed the electronics and remounted the pickups, and generally rehabbed the guitar. It was well worth the investment. I don't own the guitar anymore, sadly - another victim of the economic downturn - but I thought y'all might like to see it.
  15. There's a very nicely refinished non-cutaway Gibson L7 in the acoustic room at Sam Ash Music on SR 50 (East Colonial Drive) in Orlando, FL. I think the price on it was very affordable, I believe it was $2500 the last time I checked (maybe $3500 though), I could be wrong. Stuff like that doesn't attract much attention around here, and the fact that they have it strung up with very heavy acoustic strings doesn't help matters, so it just sits there looking pretty.
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