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  1. Just bought one on ebay for £100. It arrived and had cream binding and a cream nut which was a nice bonus! It didn't really show up on the picture! It's a faded cherry finish, a batwing pickguard and has a orange switch tip. It's a G400 but does anybody know what edition it is? Ta!
  2. Well, it's obviously not as stable as a headstock without a crack! but i think she'll hang on until i can get somebody to look at her. The other dings are superficial but i'll get those strengthened when i get the headstock sorted. I don't want the guitar restored and to look new. I'm very happy with the way she looks now... as for the price? She was £250[biggrin]
  3. a few more pics... The button on the 'A' Tuner has been replaced many years ago. It works fine so it's staying put for a while... Original Adjustable Bridge. Tatty Blue Paper Label. Serial Number matches headstock which is a relief! Kluson Deluxe Tuners. Replacement button is visible. One of the many battle scars... and another! Nasty crack/split on back of headstock. No movement though and it stays in tune perfectly.
  4. Cheers for that Peter! I'll get some better pics up now i know what to do!
  5. i can't get the photo's on!! please be patient:-k
  6. Yes it is my Texan in the photo! You can't see the dings and scratches because my camera is rubbish! Been a Jam/Weller fan since i was about 7 or 8. I had a Korean Casino a few years ago, Natural a la John Lennon but the finish on it was just too shiney. Those guys in the far east can really slap the lacquer on... I see you have a Early 80's MIJ Casino, very nice!
  7. i kinda thought the same. a nice old beaten up case with broken latches etc!
  8. Thanks Steve. How do i add pictures?
  9. Hello everybody! I'm new to the forum so please bear with me if i'm asking a stupid question! I just bought a beat up 1964 Epiphone Texan. The guitar didn't come with a case and i desperately want to get it in one before it gets more beat up! I've looked at a couple of Hiscox cases but the measurements didn't seem to match the Texan. Am i right in thinking the Texan is that little bit longer than standard Dreadnoughts? If any of you out there can recommend me a case then i would be very grateful!!! Thanks!
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