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  1. Well, I passed this one up. It's a nice guitar just not my cup of tea... Update: Well it may be sacrilegious to post this here, but I fell in love with the most unexpected guitar I could have fathomed and had to share it. I took home this Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin II in Natural finish. Words are beyond how great this guitar sounds and feels.


    Wow, that is a dreamy looking Epi! I'd love to play and hear the tonal qualities of that matured wood! I bet whomever ends up with that piece will be a happy camper...
  3. Is Swirl X new? I haven't shopped for a while. I have had the Scratch X for a few years after buffing out a Martin D-15S, but I presume the swirl X is a less abrasive version (notht at scratch X was at all abrasive)? Or is this the same product relabeled/updated?
  4. Looking forward to reading/seeing your progress.
  5. Thanks SG and Gunner. Gunner, I am going to spend some time with it tomorrow. I did find that review, thanks. It gave me even more Gas. Incidentally, I figure it will cost me an equivalent of $1,400+/- to acquire it. Seeing these were selling in the $1800-1,900 range at retail, it seems like a fair deal. Now I just have to see if in fact the Country Deluxe Elitist is my cup of tea when I play it for an extended period tomorrow.
  6. LOL! It's all good Ken. I've been using Vintage Reissues for a few years along with Ernie Ball Super Slinkys and D'addarios for my LPs. I'm not really married to one brand or another, but I do seem to prefer the Super Slinkys which I plan on replacing these strings with when the time comes.
  7. I feel the discussion would be more meaningful if we were all ont he same page about "Value" and not necessary the cost sustainable after the purchase. Having spent as much a s $5k on a guitar (Gibson '09 LP 50th), and most my most recent purchase of a Epi L.E. 1959 Standard LP, I would hands down give the value nod to the Epiphone. If I were focusing on resale performance, well i would think the Gibson would fare better for name preference alone in the secondary market. But from a true value standpoint, the $749 I just spent on the new EPI LP is the clear winner in my book. And I don't care what anyone says, this particular Epi LP I took home with the Made in China label on the back of the neck is QC'd as well as any Corona Fender, Nashville Gibson, or Stevensville PRS that I have purchased in the last few years. And this comes from a person (me) who has been quite critical of alot of garbage I have seen over the years from many different manufacturers. Materials are a different discussion, and why Elitists and Special Run Epi's with various wood and hardware upgrades appeal to me a bit more without spending a whole bunch more but not getting a whole bunch more (other than a name on a headstock). Value is why I think most of us are here on the Epiphone Forum to begin with, no?
  8. The Elitist Country Deluxe looks like a great guitar based on the Chet Akins Country Gentleman. I have a chance to acquire one in a trade, but thought I see what the consensus is on this guitar. 25.5: scale 1.75" width at nut, I can imagine it must be a boomer! Any owners out there with an opinion? Even better, anyone play this model AND a Emperor Swingster with the 24.75 scale and slightly thinner neck? If so, thoughts on feel and sound.
  9. The one I took home (#15 of 1959) was still in the box and never put out on display. So this was unplayed from the factory and strings seem fine as they are (i.e no gunk, etc). Darn thing was nearly still in perfect tuning out of the case to boot. Strings are a bit more stretched in now. I am going to put it through it's paces for a few weeks and through my different amps and my pedal board so I have a better foundation to do a more comprehensive and meaningful review. I played it for a few hours last night and didn't want to put it down if that is any indication so far...
  10. Welcome Sid! Congrats on 11-years with your LP. Others a green with envy it seems!
  11. Congrats on the new Epi Dot! Ditto on replacing the strings with a notable brand. I am sure you'll find a world of difference. Good luck and enjoy your new Dot! Dennis
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