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  1. Hey all. I can't tell you strongly enough how much I enjoyed your discussion here. When I was a naive kid working in a music store, I discovered an FT 570SB amongst the returns in the store's back room. The flame was beautiful; it seemed such a tragedy for such a gorgeous guitar to have suffered a broken neck. So I shipped it off through corporate channels for repair and return -- which happened, and so I bought mine 09/06/79. After employee discount and perhaps because of the defect, the total with tax was $78.78. The neck separated again, so on 07/01/97 I had it repaired once more -- this time at Chuck Levin's Washington Music Centre in Wheaton, MD. Those guys did a fantasic job; the thing has since remained a rock. Though partialy removed, the serial number tag on the back appears to read 8456. The tag inside the body, which I think was once blue but now a faded "tan" is Kzoo / MADE IN JAPAN; it also reads SHERATON. The finish is now a little dinged up, but I still think it looks and sounds wonderful. I am just so tickled that, after all these years, I come to find here that broken neck was indigenous to most of this whole line! What a wonderfully charming story -- and I love all the rich historical detail that y'all have graciously shared here. Question: Can you recommend any specific current hard cases for this guitar? The gig bag that I've used all these years is now worthless. At present, the local music stores and Guitar Centers don't have anything. It would be nice to have specific case model numbers and brands confirmed before I make the hours drive to Chuck Levins.
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