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  1. i agree we all make mistakes and gibson is no exception, the only mistake are the high prices which prevent me from having more of them, hahahahah
  2. havent settled on the pick ups but still i love it!!
  3. I think the caps on the pick ups look better tan uncapped ones.... but i hope it all works out, good luck, eric
  4. does anyone think the zebra 57 and 57 plus are much lesser hot than burstbucker pro's ?
  5. ekkerman

    string gauge

    i heared once tha queens , brian may used 0.08 gauge !!! I tried them once but they where flappy and unstable. On my fenders and gibsons i always use 046-009 , but i bought recently a used 2005 standard les paul and it had 0.10 which i changed for a set of 0.09 but it sounded warmer but perhaps i imagined it..... Could be that new strings sound more bright and less warm and the "warm "come with a couple of hours play , now its seems better....
  6. ekkerman

    string gauge

    Hallo everybody , i always replace the strings on a les paul for a set of 046-009 and i find this to work best for my fingers tension-wise. what do you guys and girls think that are probably playing 046 - 010's am i loosing out on sound or is the difference not at all audible?
  7. thank god , theres no coil tapping on my special run!!!!
  8. hearing sometimes about the not so good les pauls with loads of issues and faults i wonder if in these limmited runs the quality department tries even harder or cant be bothered?
  9. i am gonne put a set of 46-09 on it so itt'l play less tough on the thin strings, but as is , i am absolutely falling inlove with it!!!!!
  10. very different indeed!!! thats a tribute with no binding different knobs etc so no limited run
  11. very different indeed!!! thats a tribute with no binding different knobs etc so no limited run
  12. thanx Farns, it is a good guitar and indeed a little rounded neck style like 50's les pauls. i do think the frets are a bit high and the edges would have been nice rolled but now theyre coved by the binding but there a bit edgy but not sharp so i geuss i will get used to it. the zebra 57 pick ups are nice but not super hot.
  13. Hi all , i recentely purchased this; Gibson USA 2016 Limited '50s Les Paul Standard (Faded Honeyburst) and it seems to be a limited release and sold in a few shops. Stil i cant seem to find much info on this one and its a so called proprierty guitar and nothing about it on the gibson site . why could it be that its not listed there? Its is a gibson not a fake!!!https://www.gak.co.uk/en/gibson-usa-2016-50s-les-paul-standard-ltd-faded-honeyburst-nickel who knows anything about this nice guitar? thanx all , greetz eric ekkerman
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