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  1. So I phoned them and they told me to call Purolator with their account number to have my guitar picked up w/ no shipping charge on me. After they receive it, they said they'll send me a new one.
  2. Thanks for the reply everyone. The store seems to be closed and they are not picking up the phone. I will call them immediately tomorrow and ask for a full refund. For now, I have sent them a complaint email. If they fail to comply with my request, I will report them to Canadian Better Business Bureau. I will give you guys update on how this goes. Thanks for the advice.
  3. I was referring to the white covering that you can see here. My amp is somewhere else at the moment so I cannot test the guitar right now. It's just that what I immediately saw wasn't what I was expecting when you normally unbox your guitar.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have called them but due to time zone differences they are not picking up. I will phone them again tomorrow.
  5. I have ordered Epiphone Custom SG 400 from Steve's Music (http://stevesmusic.com). When I opened the guitar, I was quite surprised because it was missing a poster, a warranty card, a cable, and a wrench for the truss rod in a bag, which I was told from people to expect in the package. It was also missing the vinyl white protection for the guitar. When I opened the box, just the guitar itself was literally what I saw: Is this normal? Thanks.
  6. I see! Thank you so much TWANG.
  7. I see. Thanks for the replies! Are there any other accessories that it comes with?
  8. Hello. Just one quick question. Do Epiphone guitars (particularly G-400) come with the 1/4" cable? Or do you have to buy it separately? Thanks!
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