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  1. Hi there, The plastic tulip-shaped heads on my Epi Flying V seem to be splitting apart rendering the machine heads unusable. So far three have split apart. What are recommended kluson style tuners I can replace them with (without needing to alter the headstock)? Would the Gotoh SD90s drop right in? Looking for something reasonable but moderately priced. Any recommendations welcome.
  2. Marc had (as I understand) a '59 sunburst. He had the front refinished to make it look like a Gretsch as he was an Eddie Cochran a fan. After he had the guitar a couple of years he threw it against a wall (when he had a meltdown about something)and destroyed the neck. This was replaced with a neck from a Custom (?). Therefore, the neck was not refinished and wasn't the original one. There are pictures which show him with guitar with the original neck.
  3. I was actually wondering about the two schools of thought (around pickups in general). One says make them high and hot another says keep them low and woody and use pedals and the sound of the amp for overdrive.
  4. Hi all, My first post here. Last year I got a vintage sunburst Epi Firebird VII. The neck feels so comfortable and I just love the vibe of the guitar. Wondering what folks here suggest as the best height for setting the three pickups. Also wondering if anyone has had experience with the Gibson firebird tone pot kit sold by RS Guitarworks and how much of an improvement it makes to the guitar sound. I understand they are not metric pots though and will not match my Korean made firebird without some modification.
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