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  1. I am curious as to how to lower the action on my Casino. Is it best done with a truss rod adjustment, and if so, do I need to take the strings off to adjust it?
  2. The poly finish on my Casino is quite resilient. Like all Epiphones, the E fell off the pickguard as soon as I got it home. I glued it back on with Krazy-Glue, but a few drops of the glue landed on the poly. I was able to remove the glue with nail polish remover. I checked before using it on a small area near the neck joint where damage wouldn't be noticed, and to my surprise it had no effect on the finish. To be sure, it would be prudent to check your guitar's finish before trying this at home.<br style="text-shadow: none;"><br style="text-shadow: none;">
  3. I use a Maxon OD808 with my Casino and it sounds great. It is pretty much the same as a Tubescreamer. Maxon manufactured the original Tubescreamer on contract for Ibanez, and now produce their own version.<br style="text-shadow: none;"><br style="text-shadow: none;"><br style="text-shadow: none;">
  4. All three colors are $625 Canadian at Long & McQuade. I paid $665 for my cherry Casino in April.<br style="text-shadow: none;">
  5. I put Schaller straplocks on my Casino. It took all of 1 minute to do, and when the strap is not on it doesn't look any different from stock condition. I highly recommend them.
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone. I start lessons tomorrow, so hopefully I can get some good exercises from my teacher too.
  7. I just bought a Casino as my starter guitar and am really enjoying it. The challenge I'm having is that my ring finger and pinky don't like to work independently. Are there any good finger exercises I could be doing to help with this?
  8. I'm a beginner too, and just bought a Casino as my starter guitar. After talking with staff at the store, they convinced me that a small tube amp was the way to go. I bought a Gretsch G5222 and have been quite happy with the sound. I'm pretty sure it's the same as a Fender Champion 600.
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