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  1. hi, just want to ask if this is a legit MIK Epiphone Les Paul Standard PLUS Limited edition. thanks
  2. Hi, I currently own a 09 Epi lp and my neighbor owns an EE serial numbered Epi. He said his lp is better than mine. Is there any significant differences in build or sound quality of epiphones between these 2? thanks
  3. Oh ok, i stand corrected. The proper term would be 'the copy Lp serial is counterfeit and got lucky'. The thing is there are a lot of people who use guitarupdater to verify their guitars rather than send photo's and info's to gibson. I hope Mr. Stephen and gibson could somehow work together to improve it. how i wish.
  4. thanks man, Well, somehow I agree with you. Funny thing is gibson didn't reply after china gibson did. When they told me its fake, they even asked me to provide seller info and they will forward it to their legal department. That's why i emailed them twice. Just after this, I looked over the manual and checked the parts in my LP like Tailpiece, bridge, input jack, toggle switch and found epiphone markings. Also found 500k alpha pots and wiring harness on the cavity and the pickups. All hardwares conforms with the standards so im pretty sure its legit. Also I found out guitarupdaterproject is crooked. My friend owns a copy LP long time ago and to my surprise, the serial is legit according to this. When I inspected the parts,there were no markings on all hardwares, no brand on pots, messy wirings, aside from the odd shape. So When in doubt, its best to send the photos I've stated above to gibson. cheers
  5. Hi, My first post[biggrin] I had a similar experience. When I got my epi I took shots and sent it to Service.china@gibson.com and service@gibson.com. Some guy over at gibson told me its fake while china service said its legit. So, I emailed both...again. Now, I asked them why i got different replies. Service china said "its because we have updated database for chinese guitars than in US". So now Im fine. photos they require by the way are: - full body shots F&B (front and back) - headstock F&B - close up body - markings under tailpiece, bridge, etc. - wiring if possible cheers.
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