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  1. To avoid any wires becoming disconnected whenever I do something like this I remove the rear cover(s) and then hold the switch or jack from spinning with my fingers.
  2. Gibson and Fender were losing too many guitar sales to cheap copy imports starting in the early 70's. I'm sure you've heard the term "Lawsuit model". It was kind of a "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" thing. Now we have Epi's for Gibson and Squier for Fender (and imo the much better Fender Starcaster, truer to original). But wouldn't you know it, the Starcaster is considered by many to be a cheaper Squier..which is fine with me if it means I can get them for under $50.00 and drop in a Fender loaded pickguard for @another $50.00. I agree 100% with Jim on becoming a better player and letting most of the tone come from your hands. The cheaper asian imports are a working man's best friend and in this day and age of computer technology running most of the factories equipment to exact tolerances...a "bad one" is becoming very hard to find imo. *btw I sold the LP Jr that's in my avatar a couple of weeks ago and the guy who bought it sent me a message through ebay saying that he owns about 12 guitars and this is easily his 2nd favorite, second only to his $2500.00 Bill Crook custom guitar. I'll get another one soon for sure.
  3. If you never had a Gibson before then I think it's best to get the Gibby. Everyone should own a Gibson at least once.
  4. Of all the budget price guitars on the market, imo this is the best bang for the buck and can easily be used for professional use. and don't concern yourself with the "Bolt-on myth", the difference can't be picked up by 99.9% of the listeners anyway. Plus bolt-ons were/are good enough for Hendrix, Clapton, Blackmore, Beck, Gilmour, SRV, etc..................................... Nice guitar, enjoy
  5. gl297

    evil bay

    enough with the "fake", nearly 90% of all guitars shown on this forum are getting this comment. The only ones you need to be extra cautious with are the guitars that are shipped from China... you know, the winning bid is usually $2.00 plus $200.00 to ship...these are the fakes. I'm not saying that a person couldn't get one and resell it, but it's not that much of a profit considering the shipping costs, ebay fees and Paypal fees plus it's extremely risky to a USA seller. The seller in this case has been on ebay for over 4 years with over 350 transactions and 100% positive feedback. This guitar is NOT a fake. Gibsons are a different story. If you're going to spend big money then it's your responsibilty to make sure it is genuine. and who the hell would buy a fake Epiphone when they could buy a fake Gibson for the same exact price? in reality most Epiphones ARE fake Gibsons.
  6. This guitar is priceless imo. Very rare to find any 60's Surf guitars that have a mahogany body. I can tell by the pics that it is of higher quality than most of the guitars from this era. Good luck with it. *Find the correct whammy bar or a good facsimile and then you'll really hear what this guitar was made for.
  7. That's a bummer Sheila, and it's not like these Agiles are inexpensive either. I think it's time to trade it in and get a LP Standard. Epi or Gibson
  8. The fact that they couldn't put that stripe in the center...and STRAIGHT...irks me. First thing I would do is paint that top, anything would look better than that.
  9. Yep just recently by randybass. They will change the ad descriptions. GJ rb, I'm sure you will save some people a hassle.
  10. I haven't seem many but Ian Paice is one...of the greatest of all-time that is.
  11. "Giving them away"? I'll take one
  12. if a flying V bass fits in a regular flying V case, then one of them isn't the real thing.
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