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  1. This has been some wonderful advice so far....thanks guys If I had to solidify my idea of what I'm going after, I think the closest thing would be Marc Bolan's Les Paul on Electric Warrior. Of course, saying I want my guitar to sound like Marc Bolan's is futile....I'm setting aside any effects and amps he was using, not to mention I don't have Tony Visconti hanging out in my bedroom every evening with me! However, I think it's a good baseline to go by. From what I've heard, he was playing on '56 Les Paul. I don't know if he kept the pickups stock. Does anyone know what pickups he was using? For those who need their memorys jogged here are a few pictures:
  2. Is a gibson Burstbucker just their name for a humbucker? Is there some special quality to a burstbucker?
  3. Oh no sweat...I totally understood what you meant and I have to agree with you on that one!
  4. 1. Vox AC 15 custom 2. I'm not terribly unhappy with the stock pickups but I love to customize my things and give them my own unique touches. Not to mention I can afford to do so. 3.I enjoy a touch of light reverb (from the Vox amp) but nothing to heavy. 4. I'm interested in playing more bluesy based rock and even some blues based proto-punk and punk. A few of the musicians I find to be most inspiring lately are The Rolling Stones (late 60s-70s), Keith Richards of course, Freddie King, The Velvet Underground, The New York Dolls and a little Flamin Groovies. I hope this is helpful. I'll check out GFS too, thanks for the tip.
  5. Hi guys, I'm a new member here as I just purchased my first Epi product a few days ago. It's an ebony Les Paul standard. I'm interested in changing out the pickups, but first I would love to hear the opinions and advice of fellow Epiphone users. I think I'm looking for something with versatility without being bland or too wildly aggressive. I've breifly read about the Gibson '57 classic plus in the bridge & '57 classic in the neck and that combo seems interesting. Can anyone attest to the characteristics of these pickups? Furthermore, is it generally avoided to have the '57 Classic Plus in the neck too? If so, why? Feel free to throw out any suggestions. All ideas are welcome :-)
  6. I'm about to purchase my first epiphone les paul and I plan on replacing a few parts (pickgaurd, knobs and pickup mounting rings). I've come across this online shop that sells parts designed to fit Epiphone Les Pauls, but can anyone vouch for their quality? Has anyone purchased epiphone parts from Greasy Groove before? http://www.greasygroove.com I've had a great deal of trouble finding any online retailer that sells Epiphone replacement parts and from what I understand most Gibson parts may not fit an Epiphone.
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