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  1. Hello Guys, I would like to get you guys input on this Gibson SG standard with factory Gibson vibratos. The book is saying that only approx. 200 was made. I just don't really know I will attach pix. Thanks, Jeff
  2. Thanks for your help. Would this mean anything special? L=Leader Musical Instrument Co Ltd (Korea)
  3. Yea, I saw that on the dater,But for some reason that letter L is suppose to tell you something more like SXXXXX is Samick plant, But the L is not really telling about what plant, The dater is saying just Korea. I don't know. I may have a 2 dollar Epip. lol
  4. Hello, Not really new, However haven't been here in awhile. I have a Epiphone Les Paul that I picked up and the SN:Letter stating with L is messing me up. The guy I pick it up from bought it new in 1995 per him. Is there any of you fine folk know any thing about the guitar it really sounds and play great. I don't think it's a chambered body it's weights about 10 pounds. Thanks for you help.
  5. WOW I am so tripping right now. I mean I have found things in pawn shops before you know but that was in the day like 18yrs ago its hard to find good old unit any more. But it does look like things are started to surface. This guy also has a Gibson L-6 I am thinking 74-78. You think I should pick it up as well.
  6. Are you for real. Thats really hard for this little mind to handle. In this condition 4000.00 WOW
  7. Hey Jerry, Good to see you come in.. You think it a 65 Kal
  8. By what you see in the pix. It has a Blue label on the inside not sure what that mean either. Some say good some bad I really dont know. What do you think I have.
  9. How much do I want for this.. Hmmm. I need to find out what it is first and I am go from there. At this point not 4 sell
  10. Hello All, I need you guy help onces again please. I was at my local pawn shop today. And this is what I got. Epiphone E230TD Casino SN-360984 is what the label reads. I tried running through the dater didn't work. So can you fine fellows help a old man out here. Thanks so much.
  11. Guys you all are great for helping me out here. I brought this thing a few days ago. Who ever had it know how to set up a Guitar I mean this thing plays like one I have ever played before. And to tell the truth I am a fender Strat, Tele. freak (but dont tell no one..) But anyways I do have a Gib 60"s Les Paul for the hard stuff.. LOL... I may sell just don't know yet and have no idea what to ask for it. Thanks again Guy, Blues
  12. I ran the SN through the dater project and can't get it to come up with this SN. Am I doing something wrong. How can I be sure its a 1968? Thanks for all your help.
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