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  1. SSR- We need to get all us southpaws together and petition epiphone to start up on lefty casino production again. -Richard
  2. Agreed. Skip it. The guy on eBay I mentioned had great reviews, too. My guess is the people buying didn't know they were fake.
  3. But the leftys are out of production..... It's possible the guy selling the black casino doesn't know it's a fake. I almost got burned on eBay when I came close to buying a lefty cherry casino from a dude in Korea. Thanks to this forum I learned a lesson before it cost me anything.
  4. Yup. In fact, I played around with the number and could generate my own "legit" number. As an aside, the last one he had up didn't sell. It's up on eBayagain.
  5. Thanks, guys. I'm not touching that eBay Cho97 dude. I'll have to come up with a different hollow-body P90 plan. I know! Maybe we should start a left-handed petition and ask Epiphone to make a bunch of lefty casinos for all us Southpaws! Is it worth a shot?????
  6. If someone else wants to look at this, here is the eBay link: Natural Lefty
  7. Thanks for the info, Peter. I'm 50/50 on going for this.
  8. Yeah, I ran the number and it came up legit. There are pics are on eBay (lefty casino) but I don't trust this guy. Or the price. How can one really tell????
  9. what about the natural ones on eBay? Serial Number: I01023582
  10. Does anyone know the year and plant when the last lefty casinos were made?
  11. Rondo has some good guitars and Agile is great. I agree. As a lefty my choice is limited there, too. I used to have a HARM 1 but sold it because the neck was too thin for me. No lefty Casino around I can find in my price range except for some counterfeit ones some guy in Korea sells on eBay. I’d actually buy one from him if the headstock didn’t say Epiphone but said “Counterfeit” instead. At least it’d be honest. I heard they’re good guitars. Who knows, though. So for me…. lefty Peerless Songbird….?
  12. I have a lefty Sheraton and love it. You can’t go wrong with getting that. I love that guitar. The only thing I don’t care for is the weight but I use a big bass strap to help me with that. Now I’m looking for a lefty Casino. So, eventually, as you save your bread, you might as well plan on getting both. That’s what I’m trying to do anyway.
  13. Thanks, guys. I know the DOT is semi-hollow vs. the casino. That’s why I was wondering if it was worth it if I want THAT Casino sound. Dang.
  14. Looking for feedback on putting P90s in a DOT. What ones did you use? How was the sound? I'm still looking for a way to get a lefty casino but am thinking of getting a lefty DOT and putting in P90s. I don't know if I'll get a sound I want though....
  15. Thanks for the info. Have you played the Songbird? I'm trying to put out the feelers on feel of the neck. Too thin for my large hands and I will cross it off the list. You know what I mean? I hope it is ok to ask about this guitar on this forum, I just don't think I'm going to find a lefty casino.
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