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  1. THE GHOUL!!! I had a similar guitar, played nice, just damn heavy..
  2. I paid $350 Canadian for mine, a '94 that looks pretty much the same.. Mine has SD Seth Lover pickups though.
  3. I have the same question, mine seem loose too..
  4. Yea they sound great, nice crunch with Distortion. I paid $90 a piece on Ebay. My local guitar shop was $140 before taxes.
  5. Yeah, the biggest problem I had was the plastic pieces that hold down the humbuckers, I had the neck one on backwards.. Other than that, pretty simple work..
  6. Sounds fantastic, no more awkward buzzing noise that sounded like I had a bad ground, and I didn't burn myself soldering them in! Here's a pic! It's a 1994 Epi Les Paul, made in Korea.
  7. Well, I'm apprenticing as an Electrician, and work for a company who has large supplies of Contact cleaner, we also have a electrical lubricant.. I believe it's called Lubitall, from NASCHEM..
  8. Hey guys, I haven't really owned any electric older than 98, so I'm not really sure what to do with this, when I turn the volume or tone up on all 4 pots, I get a crackling noise, Should I change the pots, or is there a way to use tuner cleaner without taking them out? I'm taking it apart in a few weeks when I get my Neck Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Pup in the mail, so I got some time..
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