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  1. If you have tried a different cable/guitar/amp (direct) at another location and its still occurring. Then I'd would put my money on a faulty capacitor.
  2. 2010 Gibson Studio 50's Tribute Gold Top
  3. Two important questions have not been addressed! 1. How much did the 60's Studio Tribute cost? (what was the tag price as well). 2. Which has more sustain? The 50's or the 60's?
  4. Jimmy Page doesn't own the first Les Paul ever. In fact he looks uncertain in that video how he got Grover tuners on his guitar. I suspect he brought it like that and didn't notice it straight away. I like the interviewer asking would he part with it. The guitar is worth a million as a starting bid lol. But Les Paul on the other hand used to receive a lot of the first runs. He showed some of his guitar collection in the documentary about him made just before his death. It think it was called "Chasing Sound". If it wasn't mentioned when he was talking about all his guitars then I
  5. Its worth getting a case for. My 50's GT has a new Gibson Standard GT (purely coincidental) black case and still smells like the polish they put on that guitar. But it would be as equally at home in a beat up tweed case.
  6. If it is in mint condition and after you have inspected it all over and its to your liking. Then $899 is a fairly reasonable price. The going rate for online was $849 perhaps offer that or lower. There is a few of them floating around still but your unlikely going to be able to pick and choose. To see a demo of how the white one sounds with a bit of gain watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpgeSTGody0
  7. Humidity level of the guitar needs to be checked. If its not stable then threes no point in trying to remedy it. If that fret is worn down so that you cannot get a good crown on it, it tapers or has a divot where the string is then you either get a partial fret replacement or replace them all if they have issues.
  8. No. You brought a guitar that was a bit dinged up. All they do is rough up the edges on the paint finish a bit. My GT didn't have any visible signs of wear (or relicing) from the factory. Contrary to a previous posters opinion this is nothing like a Fender road worn. I was happy with my purchase.
  9. You would think he would spend the time to clean it.
  10. Good job. What was used to refinish? Product, color and technique etc?
  11. To add to this. It is natural that people tend to adjust their playing to how they want to sound. So you should try this out yourself if you want a proper comparison. Also the setup you have makes a large difference. Some guitars just sound better on certain amps. Changing a cap doesn't necessarily fix this. Based on what I heard I like the last cap in the first video and the original Epiphone overall in the second video with caps of the same value.
  12. Here is my Gibson Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute in Gold. They neglected to wear mine in which I'm really thankful for. I really like the sound so glad I took the gamble.
  13. I predict there will be a flood of 50's Tributes on Ebay with everyone looking for a better value Gibson. Actually statistics wise I think there has been about 30 sold on ebay in total.
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