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  1. The parts would be made in an asian country, but then they are assembled all together to make the guitar you saw in a factory in the usa.
  2. I wish legacy were doing fully binded and blinged out emeralds for the price of a special II. the special II is between 300 - 400 dollers. and the Emerald is about 650 dollers
  3. yesterday when buying my new amp I came across a brand of guitars called Legacy. I noticed that they resembled epiphone guitars down to the smallest details, like the head stock for example. I asked one of the people who work there the comparison of epiphone and legacy, and he said to me that legacy guitars come straight out of the epiphone factorys, they're just rebranded for sale in australia as legacy. they are identical except for the head stock logo, and the stock humbuckers are EMG-HZ passives and a hardcase comes with the guitar. check them out for yourself. http://www.legacymusic.com.au/products/?id=3
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