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  1. Yes, the red is darker in person and the binding is more of a cream and the truss rod cover says "Elitist" not Gibson. Mine's not a fake is it?
  2. wow, didn't think it'd be worth that much! I traded an Ibanez SZ2020 prestige for it. I was selling the ibanez and was offered a trade for the Epi Elitist. It does play very nice for clean and dirty. I took the trade cause I never had a Les Paul type of guitar and I was interested in trying it out. Thanks for the welcome and the replies!
  3. Hi All, I just aquired an Elitist Les Paul Custom wine red in like new condition through a trade. Not sure it my type of guitar and wondering how much I could expect to get for it in today's market? Thanks in advance for your replies!
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