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  1. I know this was a couple of months ago but If you haven’t gotten an answer I might be able to help you. Could you post, or send me a picture of Front and back of the headstock and look about 4” down from where the neck and headstock meet and tell me If you see a scarf joint in the neck. Also All My epiphones from the 70’s have had blue labels
  2. I attached a picture of the back of the pickup. any help hooking it up would be appreciated, I don't want to use it coil tapped. one lead reads 15.75 ohms the other 7.65 ohms which one do i use
  3. Can Someone tell me the best was to hook these up please... Thanks WM I have a set of Tarback pickups with the two separate leads, one lead has 15.75 ohms the other 7.54 ohms. The pickups have a number stamped on the black epoxy that looks like a Tim shaw number. one has 409 681 he other 410 681. I have tim shaw PAFs in a 1985 custom shop les paul and the pickups sound great. they read both around 7.75 ohms. I want to get as close to that PAF sound out of these with the dual leads. I am putting them in a 1976 Gibson LE Explorer and I could use some help on which lead to use, and if possible could someone explain if the higher reading is both coils and the lower just one of the coils or vise versa. or do I use both leads and tie the two inner wires together and the outer ground shielding together. I'm Lost. Here is a Link to the exact pickups on ebay where I got them. Thanks in advance DT http://www.ebay.com/itm/262841722093?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT << link to pics
  4. Hi I have 0 500 It's the same guitar and It definitely looks the same as mine other than the knobs as already stated, here's a link if you want to look at mine the pics are on face book https://www.facebook.com/darrell.tompkins3/media_set?set=a.3867488325366.2142170.1223307226&type=3 Good Luck
  5. I Have a 76 Limited Edition Explorer and other than the serial number and the Limited Edition Decal It doesn't resemble mine much at all parts wise, What it does resemble is everything on my 1983 Les Paul Custom Shop. From the Kahler Bridge to the oval on the headstock under the serial number, The 76' L.E. Explorer also came with an all in one piece 6 per side tuners, and Tarback Humbuckers, my 83 les paul has the Ink Stamped Shaws like the one of yours. If you would like any more info to compare yours to mine or pictures just let me know..I believe there was a L.E. in 1983 too but not with the 00 serial of course.. Good Luck & I do like the Red Explorer...
  6. I just got a 1976 Limited Edition Explorer and I can't find any information on what pickups came in it originally, It has a set of some type of rail style pickups in it now and I would like to restore it back to the way it came from Gibson. I have found lots of info on the wood but not much else. If anyone has any links on this guitar I would appreciate anything I can get. Thanks WM
  7. I see alot of answers but the LE is the Korina, the Mahogany ones made in 1976 have Explorer instead of limited edition on the headstock and in 83 The 58 reissue "Heritage Explorer" was made of Korina and it came in Black, White and Natural.
  8. I just got a 1976 Explorer Limited Edition and I would like to find out which pickups it came with originally, Thanks
  9. Before I packed it back up I plugged it in and tried it out and It convinced me right away that those pickups were not Tim Shaws, I have two Les Pauls with Shaws and the ones in that guitar didn't come close. I took a look and there were numbers stamped on the back but all that told me was theres another thing to watch out for being counterfeited, One other thin, Is the neck on the 30th anniversary supposed to be fat? The one I got was really thin and I thought they were suppose to be like a 57 but I don't know if they are suppose to be thick or thin for sure... thanks again , Merry Christmas
  10. Thanks for your help and replies, I took your advice and contacted service@gibson.com , sent them pictures and I also posted on Gibsons facebook page and Got the answer, "Gibson doesn't do work like that", with the information from Gibson, along with ebays rules on altered serial numbers and the Florida and Maine's statutes on altered serial numbers, Ebay found in my favor and they instructed me to return the guitar for a refund. I've been wanting a 30th ann. goldtop for a while and it looks like I'm still looking. Beware of buying from " websteratlantic " on Ebay. Thanks again DT.
  11. No I haven't yet, I have tried to email Gibson twice now without any reply. The guy I bought it from said he bought it new and nothing has been done to it since he bought it. I guess they are busy and maybe just haven't had a chance to reply (I HOPE). It does look like a factory finish with a less than perfect job of changing a stock Gold Top to an 30th anniversary model. But I'm still waiting to hear from Gibson to see if that's possible. I have definitely been more than satisfied with Gibson's service in the past and have definitely been Given the biggest run around from them too after paying 3599.00 for a brand new white les Paul Custom from them.(But they did the right thing in the end).. We will see. Does yours have any sign of a change looking at it in person? I cant see anything in the picture. The Ebay picture of mine was from 10 foot away, not close enough to see anything, Thanks again for the reply and the picture
  12. You can see the number 2 above the top arrow and the U in USA above the lower arrow
  13. I will get pictures in the morning and send them to you, I bought it on E --- so I do have the buyers protection and the seller I got it from seems to be a nice guy and he said he got it new. Just off the top of your head have you ever seen this done from the factory? I saw the extra Made in USA as soon as I looked at it but I didn't see the stamped serial number under the inked one until I got a flashlight to get a good look at the 2nd made in USA. I may try and see if my phone camera will pick it up and if it will I will send some now. anybody manning the email computer tonight?
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