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  1. I have a AIUSA Sheraton. 2 of them popped up for sale in Atlanta at Atlanta Vintage Guitars. I immediately drove over and got to choose between a sunburst and natural model. I played both for about an hour going back and forth, ultimately deciding on the Sunburst as it just happened to have a bit more mojo. Its seriously my favorite Sheraton. I paid about 900 bucks and I feel like I stole it. My only regret is that I didn't buy both of them at the time
  2. I know others have already answered that the guitar in question is not a MIJ, but is a late 80s to early 90s MIK. I have 3 Sheratons, a 62 RI, a 83 MIJ Sheraton, and an AIUSA Sheraton. There are lots of details that differentiate the older MIJ versions from the MIK/MIC versions and even later MIJ. AIUSA, 83 MIJ, 62 RI headstocks
  3. The Early Korean models had nibs too AFAIK, and my AIUSA Sheraton does too.
  4. I also had this same issue on the first 62 Sheraton I ordered. I sent it back and got a a replacement without the issue. It seems to be a very common issue on these new limited edition sheratons.
  5. At one point many best buys had full fledged music stores inside of them. Up until about 2 years ago my local best Buy carried Gibson Standards, American Fenders, Marshall amps, Fender tube amps, keyboards and all sorts of pedals and accessories. The section was about the size of a small GC
  6. Yeah I got that much from my google searches of this forum and Mylespaul.com . I got a pretty good deal on it as I only paid 950, which seems to be less than these and the elitist run on ebay. I've cleared out a space on the wall of fame for her :)
  7. Just put one of these on lay away. Found a shop that not only had 1 but actually had 2 of them. I got to play them both ( Natural and sunburst) and I ended up choosing the sunburst as it was a bit lighter and I liked the way it was setup a bit better. I love minihumbuckers as I also own a 78 Les Paul Deluxe pro with the p90s swapped for 70s deluxe minihums, a 62 ri Sheraton, and a 72 ES 325. I can't wait to get her off of lay away in about a month or so. Who all here owns one? I've been reading old threads and I know CB has one like mine. Does anybody know how many are out there? https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-_e2YUg5DkZM/VGYE-dpToKI/AAAAAAAACHI/BbhTd_UdYx0/w1118-h629-no/14%2B-%2B14 https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-wUirNX0DtBc/VGYE-bwtpCI/AAAAAAAACH4/7T_X0zM87rM/w393-h699-no/14%2B-%2B15
  8. I dont think that is the case. I just played a pelham blue one last weekend at Guitar Center. A local seller who advertises on Ebay has a refurbished red one as well http://www.ebay.com/itm/EPIPHONE-ES-339-P90-PRO-NEW-MODEL-Custom-Shop-Limited-Ed-Intl-Buyers-Wel-/301247406507?pt=Guitar&hash=item4623bea1ab
  9. I haven't noticed mine at all while playing. I really love the way mine sounds, so much so that I have been thinking about picking up one of the blems from Ebay.
  10. And to top it off after 13 years of shopping at my local shop I finally made their website/facebook! As strange as it sounds its a weird honor. I remember as a kid their old store was covered with the photos of all of their customers going back to the late 80/early 90s. Its cool to finally be in the club! If you are in Alabama I cannot recommend Guitar Gallery of Tuscaloosa and Pelham enough!
  11. Nice looking Git! Yeah I notice on mine that there is a little finish bleed into the binding, but no biggie. Picked her up and she is a beaut. Plugged her into my 1963 Gibson Atlas and she sang! Still trying to dial her in with my board and amp, but so far this one is a keeper. Quick thoughts: Pros: Pickups are wonderful, kills the minihums in my 1978 Gibson Les Paul. Weight is just right IMO Beautifully figured wood on back, Cherry finish is just the right shade. Case is well built and cool in grey Cons: Small finish imperfections ( cherry bleed into binding in a few areas) Finish inbetween the neck and the neck pickup looks a little shoddy, but its in area you can't really see unless you are looking over the guitar with a magnifying glass. Overall I'm extremely pleased with this guitar so far and the issues I found IMO are minor and are pretty common in this price range even in MIA guitars in this range
  12. Well my tax returns came in today, Guess who's having a NGD on his lunch break? :)
  13. Yeah I just use Grolsch Beer washers and they work great. Its a trick I learned from John Mayer.
  14. Yes it does fit in the case if you rotate the arm back to the left. I'll take better pics of the whole guitar and shoot a vid when I pick her up in a few weeks.
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