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  1. I don't know if this has been posted before, but if you don't mind dumpster diving, Guitar Center and at a few other store in my area, I have found the whole pack (sticker, poster, wrenches, etc...) still in the box that the guitars shipped in. I found them quite a few time when I was looking for a box to ship a guitar in and almost every time I saw a Epiphone box it had the pack in it.
  2. No problem. I know how happy I was when I got mine back. It brought back a lot of great memories, things like that you just can't put a price on.
  3. I'm glad to hear it. If you need any help, let me know, I'll see what you can do. Also if it turns out to be the pick up let me know, I have quite a few extras laying around. You may be surprised it may just be a loose wire.
  4. The tuners and pick ups I did after I got it back. It was still stock except for the jack that I put on along time ago, it still had some duct tape that I used on the contacts before I knew better :blink: This is a good site for wiring diagrams, http://www.guitarelectronics.com/category/wiring_resources_guitar_wiring_diagrams/ Also most pick ups have them included when you by them. What I usally do when I start out if the wiring is incact, is draw out exactly what it looks like before I take it apart, or you can take a good picture of it for reference. Plus this site seem to have a lot of knowledgeable people here that can help.
  5. I think it was meant to be, other than the new pick up and tuners, it something I wanted to do to it when I first owned it, it's staying exactly the same. It actually play better now, I've taught myself how to set it up properly, and with the new pick up I put it it sounds better as well. I know what you mean about control. I have a few others that I'd like to send out to get painted, but I end up upgrading another one, or find a good deal that "I just can't pass up" at least that what I keep telling Fiancee Just to let you know, the electronics are a lot easier that you might think. I jumped in years ago and I was surprised at how easy it was. I know I've save a fortune with as many as I've done over the years.
  6. Ya it is my exact bass. I saw it a year before I got it back on ebay. It sold for more that I was willing to pay. About a year later it shows back up and that's when I got it. There were a couple of dead give aways, first was the guy I sold it to back in the 90's felt it would play better if he sanded the neck. I've heard of people doing that but he could have done a better job. He went down to wood in some places When I got it back it still had my original Earth III strap, and there was a ding on the upper point that was there when I got it. I looked at that ding for years when I played it, it always bugged me then, but now it's definitely adds character. I was thinking of having it restored, but it has that special quality, and I'm afraid I'd loose some of that. I've bought a lot of other basses I even have 8 other Warlocks, but this will always have a special place. I'd say if you can get your Squier bass back up and running it would so be worth it. If it's just electrical it shouldn't be that hard to fix. If it's the pick up let me know I have extras laying around you could have, one is from a older Squier.
  7. My first bass was a Squier P-Bass back in 1985, it was a short scale, I didn't know anything about that when I started. I played that in a couple of varity show at my high school, and we also play on a Mexican TV show in 1987. I pick up my fist good bass that same year as a graduation present to my self. It's a late 80's BC Rich NJ Series Warlock. I had that for years until I stopped playing and sold it around 1995 or so. I started to miss it so I bought alot of other to replace it, but I still wish I had my old Warlock again. Fast forward 2008, I find it on ebay, it made it over to the east coast. I ended up getting it back and I will never sell it again. I only have one pic of the P-Bass, I'll have to try and scan it, by the time I sold it I had painted the headstock and pick guaurd, and put a spiderweb design on it... what do you expect it was the 80's. Here's the Warlock, now that I have it back I've put a EMG in it and some Grover tuners, Everything else is staying the same.
  8. I wish I found this thread a week ago when I pick up a new Epi at Guitar Center. I've bought a few guitars from them and never get the extra goodies. I don't really need the wrenches or cord (I've got enough of these) The sticker and poster would have been cool to have, but I know GC just opens the box, puts it on the stand and pitches the rest. FYI this was one of the first basses that I didn't have to do a set up at all to get it play the way I like it, and I know Guitar Center didn't have anything to do with that. Nice work[biggrin]
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