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  1. I had to do the same thing with my T-Bird Classic. It's all the way to the body, but the action is perfect. I can't go any lower, but luckily for me I don't have to.
  2. That's interesting It looks like someone missed something on the assembly line. IMO from a collectors stand point it would be worth less since it's incomplete. From a players stand point I like it better. I tried out a Blackbird and tried to use the Opti_Grab and it just felt weird, so for me I'd never use it. I also don't like extra hardware on a bass that would ether get in the way or not be used (thumb rest, pick up covers, etc...) Personally I like yours better with out the handle.
  3. Cool. I hope you can post some pics, maybe some before and after. Like the other post mentioned get a photobucket account, it's free and a good way to host your photos for boards like this one. Plus there's a great DIY thread that could come in handy.
  4. I love my white one as well. I've been really tempted by the TS one, but I've bought a couple other basses on my want list that I couldn't pass up. After seeing your pic I think it just might have move up to the top
  5. Do a google search for Epiphone Bich, I have a feeling it might look like something like that.
  6. I want to thank you OldPlucker. After seeing this post it made me really want a white Thunderbird. I've been eying one at Guitar Center for a while. Tried it a couple times but never with the intent of buying it. So I went there today and plugged it in and that was all she wrote. It's now here and I couldn't be happier. Thank again, I'd post some pics but you know what it looks like I will take some new group shots once I put her down, but that might be a while
  7. Thanks, I need to update with some new pics. I added quite a few in the last couple of months, but a white T-bird has always been on the want list.
  8. That looks awesome. I love white guitars for some reason. I've been looking at these at Guitar Center. Your pic isn't helping my G.A.S. Congrats on the new bass!
  9. I wouldn't mind one if it came with the guitar, but I wouldn't pay extra if they charged more for it if a black one was available.
  10. I don't know if this has been posted before, but if you don't mind dumpster diving, Guitar Center and at a few other store in my area, I have found the whole pack (sticker, poster, wrenches, etc...) still in the box that the guitars shipped in. I found them quite a few time when I was looking for a box to ship a guitar in and almost every time I saw a Epiphone box it had the pack in it.
  11. I think it's a parts mutt. The body looks just like my Brownsville Tele that I pick up at a swap meet last year. From what little info I can find they were a Sam Ash store brand, or something like that. I've been wanting to do something like that with mine, but it plays pretty good with the stock neck, so I really don't care what it says on the headstock. Here's a few pic of my Tele
  12. I love my bass cube, it was great when we had a power failure, I was still able to play my bass plus I hooked my ipod up to it and we still had music. I says in the instructions that it will run 19 hours on 6 AA batteries
  13. There are some bolt-on versions depending on the series and the year they were made.
  14. These are great guitars for the money. They come with most of the bells and whistles that the USA hand made Riches come with for a lot less. They originally came out with the ST model in trans-red with a Floyd Rose trem. Last year they put out the STQ that was a hard tail with a Quad bridge (one of the best bridges ever IMO) They've also released them in Trans-blue, trans-amber, white and a few special runs for a couple stores. The one negative thing about BC Rich is the neck dive, the Mockingbird is famous for that.
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