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  1. I found one of these in a garage sale. Gambled and paid 20 bucks. It actually was like new, so I figuered that it might be fixable. It was dead except for an AC hum. Took it apart as StarGeezers suggested. Fuse was OK. Pulled some of the plugs and plugged them back in to rub the contacts. Eureka! It took off and sounds pretty good. I need to find a plug tor the other channel and wire it with RCA plugs on the other end. I will then connect it to my Laptop and run some background tracks to play along with. Nice little Amp and much lighter than my Fender Blues Jr. See my Post for today. Thanks StarGeezers and fhcoll for the inspiration to fix this little amp.
  2. I recently took a chance and bought one of these neat little amps at a garage sale. It is in excellent physical condition, clean and like new. With no chance to test it I gambled and took it home. I plugged in my electric guitar and turned on the power. The red indicator light came on and a weak hum, Turning the volume controls made no difference, still no response frpm the guitar. I have not removed the back of the unit, but wonder whether there is a fuse inside, or a schematic available for this amp. I wanted this to use as a practice amp, since it is so small and handy and also has an extra input that can be used for play along tracks. I will appreciate any input from anyone owning one of these units. Monday, June 14th. HEY, guess what? I followed the info that I read on an earlier Epiphone post that I found when Googling my problem. Another guitarist had the same amp with the same problem, I removed the chassis and found that the fuse was OK. So I pulled a few plugs and reinserted them. Apparently the contacts on some had become oxidized, as I fired up the amp while outside the case and it took off like gangbusters! Put everythig back and tightened up the screws modestly, not too tight. Amp is working fine now. It is handy for practising and home gigs. A $20 gamble that paid off. In 1948 I bought an Ephiphone Triumph and still have it. In another forum I am known as "Jazz Claassic", at 88 it seems like a good name! The User name I have on this forum is my Ham Radio call sign and received that in 1946. I'm not bragging, just want to get acquainted on this forum and hope I can contribute something worth while some time. I want to thank the Epi Post that suggested that I follow their advice. I believe it was posted last October 2009.
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