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  1. Yeah, it's definitely fake. They stopped using letter prefixes in the serial number way back in mid 2008.
  2. Unfortunately you are correct. That is a fake Epi. They stopped using an alpha prefix to their serial numbers in mid 2008. The font is also wrong and you can see the headstock binding is double the thickness it should be and extends to the midpoint of the first fret. All signs of a certain counterfeit guitar. I would recommend that you send pictures and details on the purchase to Gibson/Epiphone Customer Support for their official confirmation before attempting to confront the seller to get your money back. Official confirmation is an absolute must if the guitar was purchased on line from EBay
  3. I'd buy whichever one sounded best to me and felt better in my hands. Nothing else matters to me.
  4. They should have made it an Elitist!!! But at least it has Gibson P90s in it.
  5. Nothing to worry about, it is genuine. There is no profit in faking low end models as there is no real money to be made there. You will also never see a fake guitar stamped 'USED' or 2ND' on the headstock. Enjoy it and play it till your fingers bleed!
  6. I only knew that there was one color that I never wanted to buy and that was a goldtop LP. Every one I had seen were tacky gold flake that were just too gaudy for my taste. Then.... this came along... I picked it up and fell in love at first site.
  7. There is no reason to replace the tuners on an Epi, they are perfectly fine. Almost all tuning problems come from a poorly cut or lubricated nut. The stock nut is not the best quality and any decent shop should be able to replace it for you at a reasonable cost. If you have never done this yourself, it is worth paying to have it done properly. But a decent setup by a decent guitar tech should be able to cure any small tuning problems without changing any parts at all. If this is a relatively new guitar and you have never changed the strings, you should do that asap. The stock strings are c
  8. That's interesting. I have not seen a Korean made G-400 in quite a while. I do know that all the MiC guitars have the usual G-400 design with the smaller bevelling and veneer and I would not expect that to change anytime soon.
  9. Need to see a side shot of the headstock showing where the binding meets the neck binding to authenticate it, along with the serial number, to give a proper opinion.
  10. That particular guitar will be made in Indonesia. They are different from the ones made elsewhere in that they are veneer free and have the correct bevelling. I noticed this a while ago when looking at what was in stock at Sweetwater where they show pictures of the actual guitars they have available.
  11. Epiphone never stopped making guitars in Korea and Indonesia. Many models of Les Paul and others are made in these factories. The only models that seem to be exclusive to their Qingdao, China factory are the Tribute Plus and the various signature models they put out which are their top of the line products, save for the occasional Elitist model that they produce in Japan.
  12. Thanks! It really is a great guitar. But to be totally honest with you, as sweet as she is, the sweetest SG I ever played was my 2004 Vintage Faded with the one piece bound neck and SD pups. There was just something about that guitar that was impossible to put into words. The smoothest and fastest neck you could ever imagine and it just played itself. I almost had tears rolling down my face when I sold it. But it went to a great home and is now being played to death the way it deserves to be played. Amazingly enough, about a week after I sold it, the original owner who sold it to be contacted
  13. Give my Epiphone SG a shot and then see if you stick by that opinion.
  14. Play them both and pick the one you like best. You are paying the bill and only your opinion is important.
  15. The Standard Plus tops do not have a long tenon. That is one feature that is very rare today, not even regular Gibsons have a long tenon. If it did have one, it would be listed in the specifications. The Tribute Plus is made on it's own separate line as is evidenced by having a unique serial number scheme not used on other Epiphone models. I'm not going to crow about how great the Gibson pups are because I am not a fan of them. If I was, I would have a set in my Elitist and not a set of Seth Lovers. If does not change the fact that they are of a much higher value, dollar wise, than the Epi pup
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