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  1. Thx for the replys guys, well im going to et my guitar being inspected by some experts and then ill see what i get thx!
  2. Hi guys, Well, I was playing guitar and the solo was about to begin so i put my distortion on and put on my treble pickup. The solo began and i started playing but no freakin sound was coming out the amp i switched to Rythm and it worked fine i switched to middle position didnt work fine only the rythm pup. I have A Epi sg '66(look my avatar) Read some other forums they said its the wiring of my switch? Thx in regard StrYk3D
  3. well some pictures should be More clearer for me i cant judge without ur pics
  4. It looks real too me: Pickguard screw is nice in line with the knob Epi mark is good too KNobs are in equal lines I say its real
  5. Buy a Nice gibson SG (with thremolo) And when u decide to stop playing guitar cuz u dont like to play guitar u can give me the guitar no big deal;) But if u decide to stick with guitar Just begin with a good low priced guitar then u play a few months,decide u stick with guitar u can go buy in the mid class Around 500$ Then when u really really really like to play guitar and wanna stick with it forever BY a good gibson :) Have fun, StrYk3D
  6. I would love to have some better pups in mine :) Can u make a tut of how to replace em?
  7. Its a Limited edition :) Its '66 :D And its from 2009:) Its Called feedback the site isnt great but its very famous in The Netherlands :) (Under the musicians) \:D/
  8. So this is the problem.. when i press on the top and the back my pickups move down and upwards O.O Is this normal? Please reply Im worried :unsure:
  9. Haha, Isnt that Ashton Kutcher? O.O And, I really wanted to know if it was real else i wwould've brought it back:)
  10. Ok that makes me Happier :) I bought the guitar at a famous Music store in my country. Not on ebay or such so..
  11. Ppl says the "h" in the Headstock "epiphone" Must be with a Sharp Pitch in it: And Mine doesnt has that "sharp" pitch..:(
  12. Well i saw some threads about Epiphone "fakeness" And my Headstock Epiphone letters look different from whats called real in that topic. Here are the pictures Plz Reply :)
  13. Got my SG For 230 Euro!! Look my Avatar..(Full Pickguard)
  14. Hi man, 1st of all; Welcome to the Epiphone forums! I've recently bought an Epiphone SG G400 1966 Re-Issue (Full pickguard-My Avatar) If i were you just buy a new one Cuz u dont know what happened with the 2nd hand one(Could be damaged, Internal damage etc.) Hmm fake ones, Never saw a fake epiphone actually but look at the forums and see if u can find good pictures of Epiphones; Head, neck,body I recommend go to www.Epiphone.com and find your model u like and click buy now u can see the retailers in your area. Good Luck with buyin your Epiphone P.S.: At the retailers mostly the epiphones are original and u can trust its not fake! StrYk3D
  15. Your Hardware might be damaged go back to the store now u still have the warranty Good Luck
  16. This is why i buy guitars in the shop, U can check everything i got my guitar with 2 extra cables: The normal one from1 ,5m and a Cordial (for SG) 6m with a Poster and all the other crap:D (Even with a Allen key!!) One tip buy at your local musicshops!:-
  17. I got a new Child : Its great! Plays fantastic = One word: awesome!! This guitar/child shines of awesomeness:D Cya[blink]
  18. Got a SG Ltd edition last week:
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